Some Saturday Thoughts

by Mike Holman

I’ve been reading some blog posts that have different ideas about blogging (needless to say). One of the things I read on Brip Blap’s interesting post about blogs is that you should post even if you are on holiday. I didn’t realize that WordPress has a scheduler for posts (that’s why I had the test post last night – a test) so it’s not that hard to keep the posts going even if you are off camping for the week. While I can see this is a good idea if you are serious about building your blog (and not losing readership) I don’t know if it’s something I want to do.

My reasonings:

  1. Laziness – preparing five extra posts in advance would be more work which I’m not crazy about.
  2. Discussions – One of the big things I love the most about having a blog is the discussions that sometimes occur. If I posted an item that generated a good discussion and wasn’t there to enjoy it then that would annoy me to no end.
  3. Less comments – If I knew the poster wasn’t going to reading the comments for a while then I would less inclined to leave a comment.
  4. Does it really matter? I took a week off in July and although my hits went down during that week (as they should) they seemed to rebound without any difficulty. A week off isn’t really long time and a regular reader is probably not going to cross me (or any other blog) off their list because of it.
  5. Blog aggregators – Thanks to these nifty devices, it shouldn’t really matter how often you publish, once you are on someone’s feed they will get whatever you publish so it’s not like they have to keep going to your site to see if you are publishing again. Speaking of which – Brip Blap pointed out something that drives me nuts – blogs with partial feeds. Although I often click through and go to the actual site, I don’t like being forced to. So I decided that I would unsubscribe any sites that do this and just visit them directly (FB, I’m talking to you!).

I’d be interested to hear from any readers about their thoughts on this topic? And yes, I am planning to take a week off starting a week from now which is why I’m asking.

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