Texas Unemployment Benefits Extension – 13 More Weeks

by Mike Holman

The state of Texas has recently announced that a 13 week unemployment benefit extension has been made official.  This will affect anyone who has exhausted or will exhaust their 59 weeks of unemployment benefits.  The money for this extension will be coming from the 2009 stimulus package announced by President Obama at the beginning of the year.  This extension was prompted by a jobless rate of 7.5% in June.

When will the 13 week extension start?

According to the Texas WorkForce Commission (TWC), the benefits should start paying out by the end of July.  Letters will be sent to claimants with instructions on how to file for the extension.  There are about 82,000 Texans who might be eligible for the 13 week extension.

There had been some concerns recently that the benefits might be delayed by a month or more because of problems converting the computer system but according to the TWC – that is not the case.

If you have any more information about the extension then please leave a comment.

Please note that Texas will benefit from the H3548 employment benefit extension – since Texas is not considered a high unemployment state since it has less than 8.5% unemployment rate – the potential total weeks of benefits for unemployed Texans will be increased by 13 weeks. States with a higher unemployment rate will see their total benefit weeks extended by 20 weeks.

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