The Evil You Know or the One You Don’t

by Mr. Cheap

Since I got a good response to my last “Mr. Cheap Asks” post, here’s another (it’s nice to have a think-tank ready to weigh in on my challenges in life). For those who don’t like reading comments, the consensus on the last question was that corporations usually can’t borrow money unless they have a guarantor, many assets and low debt or a multi-year history of income and expenses. Mr. Cheap was wrong on this issue.

As I’ve posted before, I’m applying for a PhD. I got my first admission to a school a couple of days ago, and hopefully more will be in the pipeline. Ideally I’ll have the pleasant problem of deciding between two good choices.

At one school, I have a supervisor I know (I’ve had a class with him before) and who seems like he’ll be a great person to work with. I’ve talked to his current students, and they all rave about how much he invests in his grad students.

Another school is the number one school in the country for the area I’m interested in. I’ve never been to the town it’s located in, and I don’t know any of the faculty there (it’s University of Alberta in Edmonton).

My choice seems to be between a great supervisor at an ok school, or an unknown supervisor (maybe good, maybe bad) at a great school.

A comparable situation would be whether you’d rather work for a great boss at an ok company, or an unknown boss at a great company?

Any thoughts? For anyone who remembers going through a comparable situation, what was the end result and did you have any regrets?

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