2011 Top Stock Pick Contest – 2nd Quarter Standings

by Mike Holman

Time once again to update the big stock picking contest.  The great news is that I’m not in last place!

My specific pick was to short the gold ETF CGL.

What is CGL you ask? It is the Claymore Gold Bullion ETF which trades on the TSX and only invests in gold.

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Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 Intelligent Speculator 9.4
2 Dividend Growth Investor 8.9
3 My Traders Journal 8.7
4 Million Dollar Journey 8.1
5 Where Does All My Money Go -1.01
6 The Financial Blogger -3.7
7 Money Smarts Blog -5.7
8 The Wild Investor -7.7
9 Beating The Index -12.0

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1 My University Money

I think the short gold ETF bet will pay off in about 3 years, but not right now. With all the uncertainty out there people will continue to hold gold as a safe haven.

2 youngandthrifty

Just curious, Mike, how come some of the names are crossed off?

3 The Wealthy Canadian

I bought a small position in the Horizons Beta Pro Gold Bear (HGT) around a week or so ago, as I’m bearish in the short-run with gold. I’m up by around $64 as of today.

Out of curiosity, how did you do a short position on CGL? If you’re buying a position in the CGL ETF in Cdn currency, wouldn’t a position in this be hopeful and anticipating for gold prices to go up and $US to stay weak?

4 Mike Holman

@Wealthy Canadian – The positions in the contest aren’t real.

5 The Wealthy Canadian

Sorry, my bad…I find the contest interesting nevertheless

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