$250 SSI 2009 Stimulus Check Will Be Arriving In May Or Early June

by Mike Holman

As a result of the 2009 federal stimulus package (otherwise known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) there will be a $250 stimulus check paid out to all recipients of SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

The Social Security Administration is planning to send out these payments during the month of May so if you are eligible for this payment then expect to get the $250 sometime in May or in the first week of June. Please don’t call the SSA unless you haven’t received your check by June 4.

The maximum amount per individual is $250 even if that person qualifies under different programs (Social Security, veterans’ compensation, veterans pension payments or railroad retirement benefits). Couples can qualify to receive up to $500 ($250 each).

To qualify for the SSI one time payment of $250 you must have been receiving SSI payments during the period of November, 2008 and January, 2009.

You will still get your regular SSI payment as always.

SSI information website

If you wish to look at the SSA (Social Security Administration) website then please go to

The following websites are not valid and should be avoided – www.ssi.gov and ssi.gov.

Info on Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

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1 Henrietta Osborne

My grand-daughter has Down’s Syndrome and currently gets SSI
is she eligible for the one time $250 stimulus payment?

2 billyleroydominguejr.


3 Jacqueline Richardson

Yes to both questions. A child receiving SSI on their own disability will receive it and any adult receiving SSi or SSDI on their own record will receive it. A child collecting on their parents SSDI will not receive it.

4 Pat

Have they started sending stimulus payments out

5 linda raley

if i am my daughter’s payee will she recive the $250 stimulus payment

6 vincent

If you are in default on student loans will you still receive a check?

7 lisa m tiffany

im a single mom on just ssi and have 3 children am i only eligable for only 250.00

8 Dave Hau

When will the Stimulus Checks start going out to people? Will people with direct deposit get them first, and with no direct deposit, will they go out by the last 2 digits of the SS number?

9 Louise

I lost my job in October. $250 just showed up in my checking account this week. I am assuming that it is the aforementioned stimulus check, and I can only assume that I recieved it because I have been the recipient of unemployment benefits. While unemployment does not pay my bills and I am grateful for a few extra bucksI really shouldn’t be getting this money. Thank God, I returned to work (a temporary job) this week. I am buying my home and so far my husband and I have not missed a payment. I can’t say the same for some of my credit cards. Anyway, it seems to me that the recipients should be better screened. I am grateful for the money, but not really in dire need. I am sure that there are people in my area who could use a hot meal. Way to go BIG GOVERNMENT!

10 Becky


I agree there are alot of people out here that are usng the system, I my self have Lupus, I cant go out in the sun, and I cant sweat, which really sucks because I have a garden I miss very much, and I’m a people person also, and cant get out to visit, but as far as the workers not receiving a stimulus check well think again there is an amount on most taxpayers check stubs it’s called Tax Credit and how I know this, my B/F has it on his in the amount of 35.00 every two weeks that he gets payed which means by the end of the year he will have received 840.00 in tax credit, so in the long run they are getting theirs, and YOU want to have a fit over us getting 250.00???
I guess if you were working you would have already have known about the tax credit, then wouldn’t embarrass yourself with pittiful whinning….

11 jennifer cornett

when can i find out when exactly when my daughter will be receiving the $250.00 stimulus

12 Anita Mann

I was wondering how the payment are being handed out. Last year when we was getting a Stimulus check, we knew that the last two digits of our socail determained when we was go to recieve our payment. Now it’s anytime before June 4th. thats pretty open. What method are they using this time to pass it out.

13 Michele

My husband got his 250 last week but our daughter, who gets SSI and SSDI, hasn’t gotten hers yet. But her notification was sent out to us a week after my husband’s so I assume it’s based on when you got your notification that you would be receiving this money.

14 Becky

I was told it’s the same method as last year, they go by your last 2 digits of your social #, I just received mine, so be patient it will come.
Good luck all.

15 David

When will get stimulus money for ssi i have a payee

16 Stephanie

What if I get my ssd check in the mail, how woukd I get the stimulus 250

17 Therese Tessier

I was told that I was going to get a ssi stimulus check for $250.00 from ssi where and when will I get it .last two nos. 73

Thank you

18 ruth griffin

I dont know but I believe my 25o.00 has been stolen or lost or Iam not going to get one.i figure an ilegal alien got it .they are more deserving than a american citizen does

19 David S.

I recive a month va disablty compension check. and not yet recived anything. I get my monthly va check every month on the 1st. So i guess my check will show up direct deposit on the 1st of june with my va check?

20 Dewayne Smith

I have recently moved, i have yet to change my address and was wondering what do i do now to my 250.00. i don’t know if it was stolen, or just returned to sender. please contact me via e-mail please thank u.

21 Evelyn Boudreaux

I made 62 January 2009. I was eligible for social security but I did not start receiving social security until March 2009. Do I get the Obama
4250.00 stimulus?

22 terrence g laska

i didn’t get my $250 stimulus check as yet 6/8/2009 how do i find out what happen?

23 terrence g laska

who do i contact for info on what happen to my $250 stimulus check?

24 Frank

Got my $250 Veterans check today….6/20/09

25 Donald W Brown

Retired Veteran and disabled. Did not receive $250.00 check.

Thank You

26 randall l gammon

i have not got my $250.00 check please e- mail me back if you have send it thanks who do i call are e-mail.

27 Patricia Jefferies

I am on Social Security Disability, I have not received a 250.00 stimulius, I am under the impression, that I should have received one by now. I can’t find my letter with the telephone # on it to call, to find out why I haven’t received it. The IRS, states that I do not owe them any money. Can you let me know about my check. Patricia Jefferies

28 christopher h.

how far do social security go back on back pay,once your approved for ssi?

29 Gary A Wilson

I didn’t receive my $250.oo stimulus check . What can I do to check on why?

30 Elizabeth H. Rand

I did not receive my $250 stimulus check. What now?

31 Brian Markwarth

I received my $250.00 in Nov 2009. When I filed my 2009 federal tax return I had to list this money received and It reduced my refund by $250.00 Is this correct.
Thank you
Brian Markwarth

32 dennis

I owe the vet admin hospital some $. Will I rec ‘a stimulous check?

33 Aaron White

will I get a stimulus chck

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