$250 Stimulus Check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients

by Mike Holman

The question all Social Security recipients want to know is – Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011?

At this point in time, the government has not announced anything. However in 2009 – SS recipients were given a $250 check. President Obama proposed another check for 2010 which didn’t happen. Given that the cost of living increase for SS is zero in 2011, it is not impossible that this idea will get floated again.

Updated – find out about a $250 stimulus check in 2012 for Social Security recipients.

2011 Social Security cost-of-living increase

The cost of living increase will be zero. The government has determined that inflation is low enough that no increase is necessary.

Should I count on a stimulus check

No – nothing has been announced, so it is not wise to count on a check being sent.

History of stimulus checks for Social Security recipients

In 2009, the government decided to pay out a one-time $250 stimulus check to all Social Security recipients. Needless to say, this money was enthusiastically received. It was part of the general stimulus package that was announced in early 2009. The regular Social Security payments went up 5.8% in 2009, so getting a $250 check was a nice bonus.

In 2010, the Social Security cost-of-living increase was 0% which was mandated by law. The thinking was that since inflation was so low – there wasn’t any need for a Social Security COLA (increase). President Obama proposed another $250 stimulus check for SS recipients at the end of 2009 to make up for seniors not getting a Social Security raise. This proposed check was to have been paid out in the first quarter of 2009.

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The check never got paid since the Senate voted down the 2010 Social Security stimulus check.

Social Security information

Social Security gives about $1,150 per month to the average retiree. 40 percent of income for elderly people is provided by Social Security. 20% of older married couples and 40% of older single people rely on it for at least 90 percent of their income.
Please look at the 2012 Social Security COLA increase.

Social Security payments will be going up in 2012 – To determine your increase, please check out the article: How do I calculate 3.6% Social Security raise for 2012?

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1 Mary Jo Jeffers

I want to know if there will be a stimulis check for people that is on social security we are not geting a raise we dont even have the money to put groceries in the house it is like President Obama has forgotten the seniors something is wrong with this picture we put him in office now he has forgotten his promise.

2 sheila

they don’t care about us people who are disabled and have worked for most our lives, i only get $700.00 a month to live on, and no cost of living raise in 2 years, like maryjo put it NO FOOD UNLESS YOU LET YOUR BILLS GO AND WHO CAN AFFORD THAT!!!!!!, SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR THE OBAMA’S AND FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO GO ON VACATIONS I GUESS, SO WHY NOT TAKE IT FROM THE PEOPLE THAT CAN’T AFORD TO LIVE!!!

3 Linda

I really think it stinks,that the goverment can come up with all kinds of $ for over countries and study of the sex life a queen bee,but can’t help people that live,or try to on 600-700 dollars a month! Thanks for letting me share.

4 Jeannine Jones

I just cannot for the life of me figure out how the goverment thinks the cost of living has not increased over these past 2 years. Has our President or members of Congress been to the grocery store, gas station, renewed their tags, paid property taxes, ect…? Is this the change people wanted to badly because I didnt vote for it and will be voting against it again in 2012!!!!!!

5 linda

poor people needs help just like the wealthy people its hard to live off ssi just barley can make ends meet try living off 600.00 a month hard to do .wneed help too.

6 Debbie

“The cost of living increase will be zero. The government has determined that inflation is low enough that no increase is necessary.”

I have to laugh at this statement, does this mean our congressmen don’t need a raise because they have determined inflation is low enough so that no payroll increase is necessary?

7 daniel

Not only did the gov. Decide that ssi recepients did not need a cost of living raise. The imbecills took our last 2 raises back. While at the same time gave themselves a raise.

8 Eddie D. Bernard

Why do we have remarks about the President forgetting his promise? The formula for whether there is a raise or not was put in place long before he came into office. I am sure he was just as surprised as the rest of that didn’t about the formula. Who voted down the $250.00 check he wanted to send out later?

9 Valerie

This does not surprise me. It seems like most everything else congress and people in any government do. They always take programs away that hurt the poor, the elderly and the handicapped people. Barely ever do you hear of them taking away a program that benefits the rich.

10 margarita lena vargas

will i get the $250.00 check for 2011

11 Teresa May

I think the President and Congress should try to make it for 1 month on what we do! Then maybe we would get our COLA and stimulus checks

12 Doris Higdon

Hi i am 76 years old and am on oxgen all the time. They say only seniors 62 and buying a home will get the stimuless check.I don,t think that is fair.

13 Tom Caudill

I believe the Republicans in the house voted this bill down. They will not consider cutting checks with a Democratic president in office. If a Republican president is voted in for the next term, it is likely that some funds will be given to the elderly and disabled.

It is not a matter of compassion – it is everyday politics. They did however vote in billions of dollars worth of tax cuts for businesses. God bless their hearts.

14 renne

the rich keep getting richer why the poor keep getting poorer.i just wish all goverment officials could live the way poor people do for one whole year try to live off of 600.oo dollars a month they would never make it ,there to use to living in high class . drinking there wine and eating there caviar.and useing tax payers money to go on there vactions.

15 James Thorpe

I can probably speak for many of us that are recieving disability that not only can we not make it without some kind of help, but our personal interests and hobbies are going Bye-Bye, and I feel like some poor no-one waiting in a breadline,wishing and hoping for better days.I hope we will get a stimulus payment in 2011-Clothing and shoes,anyone?

16 Annie

I take care of myself and my four sons on my disability check. The rising cost of gas and groceries is killing us. I am 33 I worked from the time I was 14 until 2 years ago when my Crohn’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis made munable to work any longer. I was a nurse. I always worked hard. No that I am sick I can’t afford for my children to have the life they deserve and I often have to frequent food banks to make our food stretch. It’s so embarrassing. What do we have to do to be heard, or noticed?
No pride or dignity left in Tennessee

17 mike schneider

All of on ss need to unite,remember at election time what politicians did to us,we all must vote to show that we are strong,we need to be heard.It really is sad to see a low percentage of voters at election time.We all need to remember who is in office now and not re-elect any of them.If the new regime ignores us then keep changing, only when we are a threat to there re-election bid,will they take notice!

18 debra hardin

i am disable raiseing two grandchildren it is very hard .the goverment needs to help the people in our state that cant .hardly make ends meet. they pay people in offices big time dollers. cut there pay and give some to the poor.this world would be in a better place.if the rich would look at how the poor people are haveing to live.they would see things a hold lot differ.i pray for our nation.that God will open there eyes and put that love in there hearts. to reach out to those in need and cant feed there familys.

19 godfrey

Why do the politicians always vote themselves pay raises every year and we get nothing but broken promises.

20 Debbie

Not sure why I see all these posts stating that there was no stimulus check in 2010 for SS or SSI beneficiaries because my son gets SSI and he received one in 2009 and 2010. But regardless…..cost of living goes up every year. I used to be able to spend $200 per month on food. NOW…try $700 or more! And thats making food from scratch and having a garden. We JUST get to buy the bare necessities. Fuel pricing prevents people from getting to work even when they want to work. Yet, I don’t see another raise in wages either. So everyone gets the same pay check, but has to pay higher prices for everything.

21 Charlie

No cost of living increase, huh? I guess the government needed the money to send to other countries! And where is my health insurance? It’s past time to help us citizens in our own country. Obama is the “United States” President, not the “World’s”.

22 Beverly Pilger

I think congress for got that it is we the people ,not we the congress

23 Mary Smith

Do any men/women in Congress ask us if THEY should have a RAISE in their salary. No, they just give it to themselves…What about our President…he isn’t hungry neither are his children…or any of the 1-3% of the richest Americans in America…However, what about the rest of us? They seem to over look who put them in office…and who makes this economy move…it’s NOT the 1-3% of the richest…is it?

No raise in the cost of living…where exactly is Congress living? or are they asleep on the JOB!

24 Kimberley Sunchuk

Another year without a cost of livivng raise? Yet, alot of people recieving food stamps are getting their benefits reduced and less housing vouchers are deing distributed. I do not even get my full benefits, a lot of people on SSI get the state maximum, being $705.00. I get $105.00. I am one of tose people who truly believes that if I can further myself, go to work and discontinue my benefits so that the funding is available for the next person who needs it more than I, then that is what I should do. But as a disabled unemployed student, it is difficult. Also, being epileptic, I have no choice but to use public transportation, but in order to get a bus pass from Medicaid, I need to be at the doctor’s 5 times a week. I need a cost of living rasie. SSI, food stamps and disability is not supposed to be a forever thing, but because of state and federal restrictions on things like how much money you can have in the bank or earn, it becomes just that. If you start to save any money, your benefits are taken away. $2,000.00 goes very quickly. So, once you spend what you have saved you find yourself right back on disability. This is why many disabled persons don’t even want to try to work…

25 betty p

im trying to buy a house.but my credit score is low how can the banks look at the credit score if im disable cant work.i had good credit but when i took sick i couldnt work anymore my sarted pileingup.and now my credit is bad is there any help out there for people like me

26 troy

this is where I’m at. I am 300 behind on my house payment. I barely can afford quality food. never buy nothing but generic stuff. cant aford gas for my old truck. cant afford a payment. whens our gov gonna wake up?

27 Michael Lopez

I can not believe how we didn’t get our COLA with all the prices of everything going up. And that the people in charge are giving themselves all the raises and perks when we have contributed all our lives working and get shut out. Someone has to do something about this situation. PLEASE help the elderly on social security to maintain the cost of living that they are deserved. They do not want to take lavished vacations. They just want to pay bills and put food on their tables. They paid into that with all the promises of our government. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

28 Mary

Let’s not blame all on the President. The Senate & Congress has more power then he does. Just remember who you send to Washington to represent your needs.

29 Robert

I am on ssi and I agree with Linda It is obvious they say they are broke but what happens to all the money they print at the US Mint They also waste money onweapons of mass destruction Come on USA Think about the little Man who can’t even Afford to Get their Own House and Land When All these Millionaire Junkies get Cars , Houses and what ever they want because they don’t get taxed.

30 Robert

It is not the Presidents fault totaly its the congress.

31 allison stahl

i only get 830.00 a month and im a college student i pay bills and only have like 60.00 left for the month wtf is with these congress

32 Sam Parrish

Having read most of the comments above I felt that I, too, should add a comment here. I was on disability for a few years because of a lightning strike that hit me in 2000. I have raised my son, ( who is a cleft lip and palate child) alone. It hasn’t been easy and we both have almost become vegetarians since meats cost so much. We raise our own vegs in our little garden and can what we can for later use. What our government is doing also burns me up and has just about taken our will to live away. It saddens me that it is more important to spend our monies so unwisely, like billions of dollars in coins just staked away because America doesn’t want them and these coins are being made every day, billions sent to foreign countries that never reach the people. Getting to the root of the big problem is not what the government is doing but what it’s not doing, in that the major oil companies continue to post profits in the billon dollar range which causes everything to go sky rocketing and our government won’t put a cap on what we have to pay for fuel. To answer the question, No congress nor the president have been to the grocery store nor bought gas because you as a tax payer does that for them.

33 Sandy

I have stage 4 lung cancer and only get 600 dollars a month time i buy my food and meds im lucky if i have money to pay my other bills i would really like to see the presadent and every body else in office to try to live like us poor people it seems like they only care about the rich people and dont care about the poor sure they make promises and then we find out we have been lied to instead of takeing the tax payers money for their own personal trips how about takeing it help out the sick the elderly and the poor for once

34 David Edwards

If you dont like what our goverment is doing.quit complainingand change

35 theresa mason

I want to know if I’m gonna get a stimulus check or a raise in 2012



37 bruce martin

Think people, for example ky. elected into office a senator that wants to do away with food stamps, ssi, and many other programs that have been around forever, now he along with other politicians suddenly call this helping our country, with these throw away programs. How is this helping, except to keep the poor, poor. Could you imagine all the people that need these very needed food stamps, housing,ssi and other programs. Crime would most certain become a lifestyle of some that are not criminals. Yes they lie to get into office, and then forgetfullness set’s into their jobs. We are to blame for these type of people we so believe in.

38 rickey

I grantee that if they take my SSI they will have to take me out of my house

39 Glen

I recieve a VA Comp check monthly which is some what tied into social security for COLA and stimulis. I do not expect our Congress to vote for any stimulis or increase. After they get an increase in thier checks there is nothing left for the people that can really use the extra money.

40 Janice Young

Re: the above comment, “the Government has decided that the economy doesn’t warrent receiving a $250 stimulis check.” The Government are people who get big bucks to do what ever they do. They are sooooo out of touch with United States reality that it is a sin. “We” send all kinds of money overseas to those in need, but do absolutely nothing for the poor and needy in our on Country-they just turn away, with their eyes closed as though it doesn’t exist.
Then lets address wether or not we will be receiving our monthly Soc. Sec. checks. It doesn’t look good out there, folks, but the individuals in “The Government”, they make sure that they have plenty. Hey, you work for us, people, and we have taken notice of the bulge in your pockets.

41 robert from east texas

i am just a small person and worked over 40 years. if we don’t get our checks, well it will be very bad. i just don’t know what to do. wait and see i guess. god bless america. and remember we the people come election day. i think since we got a black president then we should try a lady and see if she can fix this problem,thanks……………………

42 Aubrey Tidwell

I make a little under 700 a month, i am disabled… this income is for me and my 11 year old child. according to them i draw the max amount. we live on our own, and after bills there is barely enough money for anything else. I guess for the next year we will be living off beans… again.

43 hope myers


44 Juan Rivas

Yes I agree, that every one in Congress is so full of it, that there is no need for a cost of living increase, because the economy does’nt warrent it, we elected these people into office, take them out the next time & put someone else in they’re place, I was thinking that what would happen if the people would decide not to vote for anyone, I mean BOYCOTT, until the U.S. Government does what they are suppose to do, listen to the PEOPLE, & do what we want, they decide if we should get a cost of living raise & a Stimulus Check, then we should decide if they DESERVE a RAISE, I strongly say NO WAY DO THEY DESERVE A RAISE, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

45 alvin mayeaux

Obama can’t do everything for us … without us helping him to do his job ////vote the just say no Repubs out of office and the WEAK Demos that won’t stand up for the middleclass and the working class

46 alvin mayeaux

We need jobs in this country …and we can start with fixing our infrastructure … we need new bridges …. roads … water draining and plumbing systems / dams, air traffic control towers with better computer systems and resiviors that help retain water when we really need it

47 alvin mayeaux

Dos anyone in this site ever hear the Repubs talk about Jobs programs or doing anything for the middleclas and poor …. NEVER NEVER NEVER ..and yet the same people in this site that com[plain still vote for the Repubs that could care less about the little guys

48 Bo

the government keeps putting money in their pockets but they are taking it from us poor people. I believe the government should not get a raise for the next 4yrs. so us poor people have a chance to live. If the government wants to say no to giving us poor people raises then they should say no to giving their selfs raises also. The president needs to take a pay cut also and see if he/she likes that. As far as the debt is concerned that should be taken out of the governments pocket they made it….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

49 ida

i hear that the people that get socialsecurity are getting extra money is thi s for every person or for few people because my friend get ss and friday he get 11.000 in her account from ss if this from obama program

50 Sharon

I recently was FORCED to take early retirement at the age of 62. For some reason my employer laid me off only to hire a teeny bopper for less money I am sure. I was unable to obtain a job so I feel I was FORCED to take early retirement. I now bring in $1270.00 per month. My mortgage payment alone was $1440.00 per month. Needless to say, my home is now under forclosure. My credit is ruined and now I will be forced to go into an apartment which I know I will not be able to afford as well. I checked out Section 8 in my area and they are no longer taking applications and all the assisted apartments now have waiting lists two years long. Being 62 years old, I have worked all my life, for what?? I hope the government increases the retirement benefits this year..

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