Will There Be a $250 Stimulus Check for SSI Recipients In 2013?

by Mike Holman

Getting a $250 check mailed to you out of the blue sounds like a nice thing to happen.  This is not just an idle fantasy – in 2009, anyone getting a regular SSI payment received $250 from the government.

[Read about the 2020 Corona Virus (Covid-19) Stimulus Check]

If you are not able to work due to some sort of disability, then it is hard to make ends meet.  Prices are always going up and the economy in general hasn’t been doing well.

Will there be an SSI stimulus check for 2013?

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that any bonus checks will be sent out to SSI recipients.  In 2009, the rationale for sending out the stimulus check was that the cost of living increase was zero.  However, this year the increase is 1.7%, so that reason isn’t valid this year.

These kind of checks are generally sent out in order to create an economic stimulus for the American economy.  While it may not seem like it to many Americans, the economy is stronger now than it was back in 2009, the last time a stimulus check was sent out.

The odds of the government send out a check are pretty much zero.  It would take a major economic slowdown for the government to consider doing a stimulus check and even then the chances are pretty low.

History of the SSI stimulus check

In 2009, everyone on SSI got a $250 check to do whatever they wanted with.  In 2010, President Obama suggested it would be a good idea to send out another one, but it never happened.

What does SSI stand for?

SSI refers to Supplemental Security Income which is for people who can’t work due to disabilities.

Will there be a stimulus check in 2013?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check for Social Security recipients in 2013?




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1 starr fauquher

Why havent i ever recived a stimulus check

2 Yolanda u Russell

W.i didn’t receive my stimulus for2013 and2016 i didn’t really receive know check at all so can you all look into it please to see.can i receive my checks please THANK you for y’all time…..

3 syreta english

will there be a stimulus check.

4 Susan Owens

We heard the United States will be receiving a stimulus check for the coronal virus. So is this true or not?

5 Susan Owens smart ? S

I said 2020 would we receive a stimulus check due to the corona virus .

6 Susan Owen

I said 2020 would we receive a stimulus check due to the corona virus .

7 Jacqueline Quinn

I never received one either. I’ve been on SSID since 2011!?

8 rubin mccrory

will we the people on ssu receiveany of the stimulus for corona virus please let me know thank you

9 linda

I have been on ssi for about 20 years and i have not ever received stimulus payments…. how can i find out about this?

10 rose wood

I never received any stimulas check ever.

11 Patricia Cobb

I have not received any stimulus check ever. Can you please look into this?

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