4 Hot Stocks To Buy In 2009 Competition Update

by Mike Holman

I entered into a stock picking competition with a number of other bloggers at the beginning of this year.   I picked four small oil-related companies as part of my “swing for the fences” strategy.  So far it has paid off since my portfolio is up over 40% for the year.  In the last stock picks update I was in first place thanks to the surprising strength of oil prices.  Regrettably my performance has dropped off a bit and a couple of my competitors have picked up their socks.  Regardless, I’m still in 3rd so I’m happy with that.

The rankings

IntelligentSpeculator 73.05%
WildInvestor 56.78%
FourPillars 44.26%
Wheredoesallmymoneygo 43.01%
The Financial Blogger 24.49%
Dividend Growth Investor 11.51%
Million Dollar Journey 8.49%
MyTradersJournal -3.16%
ZachStocks -13.17%

Here are my stock picks and purchase price and (Oct 1 close)

BCF.to – Bronco Energy $1.27  ($0.76)

HOC.to – Heritage Corp $3.65   ($8.31)

TOG.to – TriStar Oil and Gas $11.41  ($15.38)

CLL.to – Connacher Oil Gas $0.74  ($1.06)

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1 Mr. Cheap

Congrats! Maybe this is the credibility you need to start your own hedge fund ;-).

2 Neil


Carry on at this rate (presuming you backed your selections up with some money!) and you will end up a billionaire!!



3 Dividend Growth Investor

Mr Cheap is making fun of FP, but I believe that FP is more qualified at running a hedge fund than most of the guys currently running one ( I would also add mutual funds too).

Congrats on your market performance. I would get you in the final 2 quarters 😉

Best Regards,


4 Mike

I think it would be fun to run a hedge fund – even if I don’t know what I’m doing.

The portfolio I assembled is very dependent on oil – I could win this thing by a mile….or finish in last place by a mile. 🙂

5 Doctor Stock

Congrats…nice job! It’s esp. hard to pick one year out… so much changes.

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