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A while back I made reference to $30 / month of passive income and one of my off-line friends was quite interested in more details. Along the same lines as my previous “Everyman’s Guide” posts the rules are that that we’re thinking about ultra-low-risk, very reliable ideas (“get rich quick” schemes aren’t allowed). In previous […]


Much like my recent post on finding extra income if you’re poor and unskilled, this post is about methods for reducing your expenses, which SHOULD be possible for most people. If you’re not doing any of the things listed, and *still* have trouble getting by on your salary (which is at least equivalent to full-time, […]


Mike and I often post about how to manage your finances to get a little bit of extra return from it (whether it be through leveraged investing, real estate, dividends or asset allocation). That’s the stage of “financial life” we’re at. Some people comment on personal finance blogs and say “that’s all well and good […]


Friday Linkstuff

by Mike Holman

That’s right – the link post is moving from Saturday to…well this week it will be Friday. 🙂 We’ve decided to do the link post during the week and cut back on one of the regular posts.  Summer hours!  🙂 First off – Squawkfox did a very creative and exciting job on the stripped down, […]