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One of the things I find interesting about human cognition is how we handle different intellectual tasks.  Catching a ball is an INCREDIBLY tough task on the surface, the catcher needs to:  estimate the ball’s current location, estimate it’s current direction and speed of travel, apply the force of gravity to it to determine its […]


There have been a number of signs that have gone up in my area that promise “EARN CEO INCOME FROM HOME”.  On the face of it, this is clearly a scam.  The way to make CEO income is to become a CEO.  There is NO WAY anyone will sell you a program that easily let’s […]


Discount Purchases

by Mr. Cheap

In a recent comment, on a very old post (“5 Ways to Make (or lose) Money With Investment Properties – Part 5 – Buying at a Discount”), Awesome asks “i live in Toronto, how and where do I find the deals”.  I found this a perplexing question, as the assumption seems to be that there’s […]



by Mr. Cheap

When I was growing up, the 80’s cartoons each had standard issue goods guys and bad guys.  Autobots battled Decepticons, G.I. Joes battled Cobra, and He-Man battled Skeletor.  I think I outgrew cartoons (at least this style of animation) when the villains’ consistent focus on “evilness” began to ring false.  The most extreme case of […]


Pocket Listings

by Mr. Cheap

In real estate there are listing which can be called “pocket listings“, “in pocket listings”, or “exclusive listings”.  In each case the idea is the same, an agent *DOESN’T* advertise the property in order not to share the commission with another agent (by representing both the buyer and seller) or to only share the commission […]


In John Reed’s “How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Own How-To Book” he refers to Dan Poynter’s work repeatedly. In my review of that book, Tim from Canadian Dream also directed me to Poynter, so when my local library had a copy of his “Writing Nonfiction: Turning Thoughts into Books” I had to check […]


I was happy to get a copy from a friend of John T. Reed’s “How to Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own How-To Book” which I’ve been wanting to read for a while.  In articles, and in other books, Mr. Reed has discussed that he got started on writing “How-To” books when a friend suggested […]


Your Health

by Mr. Cheap

Some time ago, while writing a reassurance post about the stock market melt-down, Mike pointed out that for most people our career is our biggest asset.   I think Mike made a good point: given the choice between the loss of an investment portfolio or the loss of a career, the career is more valuable.  However, I […]