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Mr. Cheap Wins Beer!!!

by Mr. Cheap

I am the champion – my friends <cue power cords> And I kept on fighting – till the end – <cue power cords> I am the champion – I am the champion No time for losers ‘Cause Mr. Cheap is the champion – of the blogosphere – After my post on Tuesday, Mike promptly left […]


We recently received the following question by e-mail: Hi Mr. Cheap, I just wanted to get your opinion on this theory and if you think its worthwhile in the long run. The theory goes like this; for every dollar you have in a trading in account, you can borrow a dollar on top of that. […]


I’m gearing up to buy my second investment property. Now that I’ve been at the university for a year, settled in pretty well (it’s not looking like they’re going to kick me out) and know the area a bit better, it’s time to consider buying instead of renting. My plan is to be here at […]


If you haven’t already entered, definitely check out the Four Pillar’s Great Canadian Book Giveaway.  It’s possible to get two entries, so if any of the books look interesting, get your name in!  Contest runs until Saturday, Feb 7 at 8:00pm EST. My father generally doesn’t like change in his life.  We joke that if […]


We hope everyone out there has a great holiday and a Happy New Year. Just to let you know, the posting will be somewhere between non-existent to sporadic until Jan 5.   A few items will be up but they might be old posts. If you didn’t check out Mr. Cheap’s very funny Last Minute Cheap […]


There seemed to be renewed interest in my networth, so I’ll put that back into “the mix”, but preface it every month as being unimportant. It was a good month to be a Cheap in September (from a financial perspective). I managed to get my last check out of the recruiter (which was quite a […]


Welcome to the new blog! Mr. Cheap & Four Pillars have decided to team up and publish from one blog instead of two. Why are we doing such a crazy thing? Mainly because we want to keep blogging for a long time and judging from the number of blogs that come and go, it appears […]


Quite a few people have been expressing their admiration for my frugality to me, so I thought it was time to rein in the enthusiasm and talk a bit about the downsides of frugal living. 1. The most obvious downside, and what I don’t actually consider a downside, is frugality makes you question your buying […]