Another day…

by Mr. Cheap

Unfortunately July was a month of changes for me. Half way through our trip to New York my girlfriend and I decided to go our separate ways, so I’m now renting (short term) a room in a house with a couple of other men. Towards the end of the month the project at the contract I’ve been working on finished up. I was going to be moved to another project, but it turned out they needed a different skill set then what I had, so we mutually agreed to terminate the contract early. I’m hoping to take a little time off, then get back into things.

My monthly fixed costs are slightly different:
Rent – $500
VOIP – $22.45
internet – $45
Total: $567.45

During the move and settling in, my variable expense went up a bit, but I’m working to get them back down.

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Mr. Cheap, sorry to hear about the break up. 🙁 I hope it didn’t spoil your trip entirely.

IEnjoy the time off – you deserve it!


Sorry to hear about the breakup – hopefully it’s for the best.


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