Baby Expenses Series

The following is a list of posts which make up the Baby Expenses Series. 


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Five Mistakes for New Parents to Avoid – Five areas where most new parents overspend.

Dealing With Less Income – Talks about different ideas for dealing with reduced income during the maternity leave.

Car Seats and Strollers – These two items are costly and necessary but this post will help learn about the different types and includes some costs.

Cribs and Bassinets – Another two major items that are discussed including costs.

Baby Expenses VI – This post discusses: change table, change mat, dresser, high chair, booster seat (not for the car), baby gates.

Baby Expenses VII – This post discusses: diaper genie, rocking chair, ExerSaucer, Play Mat, baby monitor, nursing pillow, baby swing, baby bath, portable crib.

Baby Expenses VIII – This post discusses: baby carriers, diaper bags, vibrating chair, bumbo.

Baby Expenses IX – This post discusses: clothes, hats, nail clippers, blankets, baby wash cloths and towels, sleep sack, toys, food, diapers.

Baby Expenses X – This post discusses: life insurance, hospital rooms and parking, pre-natal courses, baby books.

Maternity and Parental Leave – This post is mainly for Canadians and covers all the rules regarding maternity leave and parental leave including leave for Dad.

RESPs – This covers RESP educational savings programs which is only available to Canadians. Although the rules are different the general principles discussed here are also applicable to 529 accounts.

Buy, Buy Baby – book review – This book covers how toy makers try to sell their toys as “educational” when they are anything but.


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My only comment is that you didn’t cover health Insurance for the baby. I am unsure as to how it works. How to time it such that the baby has it from Day 1?

2 Four Pillars

Hi Bhuvana – in Canada we have universal health care so it’s not really an issue.

3 Little Monkey

Great postings. Hope you could cover some topics about baby bottles in the feeding section.

4 jenny rodriguez

I would like to know if you can talk about the bonus when you are in maternity as well the deductions the company will does during my maternity in case of private insurance and pension

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