Bill H3548 – 13 Weeks Unemployment Benefit Extension For High Unemployment States

by Mike Holman

The past year has been a bad one for the American worker.  Because of the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing recession – millions of Americans have lost their jobs.  The current national unemployment rate is 9.7% as of Sept 4.  While many workers will find new jobs within the time period of existing employment benefits – many more will run out of benefits before finding a new job.

On September 22, the House passed legislation called Bill H3548 which will allow any states with a total unemployment rate (TUR) of 8.5% or higher to be eligible for federal funding which will allow 13 more weeks of extended unemployment benefits for those people who have exhausted all the current benefits.

This move was made as part of the ongoing 2009 stimulus package which is designed to help the economy recover as quickly as possible and for long term unemployed people to be able to keep paying the bills while they look for work.

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Which states are eligible for these benefits?

The eligible states are:


When can I get these extra benefits?

At the moment this bill has not become law (as of Sept 24).  The senate still has to approve the bill and it is unclear how long it will take.  It is anticipated that the bill will pass Senate but it might take a while.

Keep in mind that the previous extension (Extended Benefits) required state law changes since EB is a joint federal and state program. EB required a change in federal law and then required state laws to be amended.  The legislation that recently passed the House (H3548) is an extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC). This does not require state law changes so it won’t require the state legislature to change state law.  This means that it should take less time to get this extension than the previous one.

How much unemployment benefits are available now?

Most states have a basic amount of 26 weeks (6 months) of employment benefits plus any extra weeks available because of various unemployment rate triggers.  These are funded by the states and/or the federal government.

Unemployment benefit information for other states

Florida unemployment benefits extension - 20 more weeks.

Will New York add 13 more weeks of unemployment benefits?

New York extends unemployment benefits by 13 weeks

Will Tennessee add 20 weeks of unemployment benefit extension?

Ohio unemployment benefits extension - 13 more weeks

Texas Unemployment Benefits Extension - 13 more weeks

Unemployment benefits extended in 2009 stimulus package.

Bill H3548 - 13 week extension for high unemployment states.

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits Extension - 20 more weeks.

Illinois Unemployment Benefits Extension - 20 more weeks.

Michigan Unemployment Benefits Extension - 20 more weeks.

California Unemployment Benefits Extension - 20 more weeks.

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1 Charles

My tier 3 benefits exsaulted on or around April 3, 2010, will I be elgible for another extention hear in the State of Texas.

Central Texas

2 Mark in FL

Charles – They did extend the deadline date until June 2 to qualify for the next tier. There is a tier 4 which is a maximum of 6 weeks of benefits, BUT the state unemployment rate has to be at 8.5% or above for the past 3 months. Last I saw Texas was at 8.2% so that means Texas will not qualify for the tier 4. I would recommend you double check with your unemployment office….there may be Extended Benefits (EB for short) available. Hope that helps! Good Luck!

3 Matt - NJ

Anyone hear on Tier V yet? I didn’t.

4 Mark in FL

Matt – No, no tier V yet……hopefully, we will see some legislation soon!

5 Donna

Any updates on Tier V for NY? My family needs help. Welfare doesnt give us enough cash wise to pay bills and meet family needs!

6 Matt - NJ

No Tier V yet in NJ.

7 J Gordon

Like so many others, mine too has been exhausted. I am tier 3-4. As for the unemployment rate in Texas…….has anyone thought of the many many people out of work that did not qualify for unemployment? There are so many people that I know that were in sales, or contracted that worked for years and are now, and have been unemployed for almost a year! The government has GOT to do something!

There are so very many of us who answered an ad, went on so very many interviews (42 to date for me in the last 9 weeks!!!) and were told “you don’t qualify”, “you are overqualified for this position”, or my favorite “we are interviewing, but we have a hiring freeze right now”.

We NEED another extension!

8 Mike

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9 Mike

test 2

10 Mike

test 3

11 Mike

test 4

12 Linda

I tryed to tell everyone back in Feb they started that 8.5% so the goverment could start ending the inemployment and now they r going to get you at any percent. Has anyone heard the saying : TO GETHER WE STAND> UNITED WE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO PEOPLE! This is the only way things are ever going to change and i do not see this happing anytime in my life time.

13 Matt - NJ

Keep yourselves posted to the status of Bill 4213. I’ts on the floor today in Congress.
Good Luck to All of Us.

14 Linda

Sorry, everyone, here about my comment on the ninth. I, truly, wish all of you the best of luck. God Bless

15 Mario

Has anyone heard of the bottom line on Fed EB that was nixed in the Senate? What does all this mean? If I started collecting my benefits and sending in the Work Search form, can the benefits be taken away?? This is very confusing.

16 charlie mcqueary

Well its Sunday ,i have been getting unemployment for 26 weeks .Today went online nothing left 0 .Do i keep going on line every sunday and try to sign up or what .

17 Mario

Has anyone heard anything about the Senate taking tier 5 (EB) benefits away on Friday 6/25/10??? Any info would be appreciated.

18 Leona

Not heard anything about a tier 5 I can’t find employment about to be put out of home, husband is struggling trying to pay all the bills.


We need to have a mass target of CALLS to the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell he must feel the pain and suffering of the 99ers by requesting that an e…xtension of a TIER 5 be added to the tax bill. just 3 hours 99ers ONLY HIM… ONLY HIM for… 3 hours. Office # 202-224-2541 Fax # 202-224-2499 Senate operator # 202-224-3121 The Senate has no 1-800 number….Thank u alll and God Bless u and your family

20 larry

My job in tenn ended Jan 31, 2011. Will I be eligible for the extension.

21 nancy

hi I live in nyc I was laid off from my job my hub is only one who works i cannot find a job the dental field is very hard it’s a family (most people don’t understand unless someone leaves) I am on i guess extented week 13 of benefits I can barely pay my mortgage I am at the point where I feel so bad for my hub and useless I want to jump out a window, Can I get at less the full year or is it undeniable?

thank you

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