Carnival of Money Stories #50

by Mike Holman

Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories #50. I figured a carnival of money stories should have a theme about…money stories!.

A lot of great posts this week so let’s get started!
photo by WalkingGeek
Donald Trump seems to be mostly show business sometimes but at the end of the day he is all about money.

Trump picks

photo by Mrs. Pillars

Dutch tulip bulb mania of the 1600’s. That particular mania along with others are often used to illustrate one of the key points of investing your money into the markets (stock, real estate etc) – don’t get too depressed if prices are falling (it’s a good time to buy) and don’t go crazy and buy in when things are going too well.

The bulbs

photo by army.arch

Fort Knox is where a huge amount of gold is stored. Gold isn’t technically money but in the days of the gold standard you used to be able to trade your money for gold.

Gold bars

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1 Mrs. Micah

I love the look of this! You must have had a lot on your plate with both carnivals. 🙂 The Tulip craze was an excellent addition.

2 Lynnae @ Being

Thanks for hosting, and thanks for including me!

3 MillionDollarJourney

Mike, you are a machine! Another great job.

4 Ryan Healy

Mike – Great job. Thanks for including my Prosper story as a “Trump Pick.” (Nice picture of the Donald, I might add. How come he always has his mouth open?)

5 Debt Free Revolution

Wow, great job putting this one together 🙂 And you used to deliver pizzas also?

6 Millionaire Money Habits

Hey thanks for the pick!!

7 Chief Family Officer

Thanks very much for hosting a great carnival! I wish I could remember how much I spent on the hat but it was years ago, before my kids were born, and I don’t remember. I know it wasn’t outrageous, and it was probably on sale, but I don’t think it was particularly cheap either. Either way, a fur hat in SoCal = stupid!

8 Emily

Great job on the carnival and thanks for including me!

9 The Financial Blogger

Woah ! 2 carnivals in the same week, do you remember the name of your wife? 😉

Great job!

10 Canadian Dream

Thanks for putting in my post Mike. Now go rest after two carnivals back to back.


11 paidtwice

I love Trump. He’s like my guilty pleasure. 🙂

So I am honored to be a Trump Pick!


12 Andy

Thanks for hosting

13 squawkfox

Mike: You are a carnival hosting machine. I haven’t seen this carnival before, so thank you for the introduction! I’ve got some reading to do now….

14 WoolyWoman

I hadn’t seen this carnival before either, thanks for including my entry, and I am enjoying reading all the money stories.

15 BeThisWay

Hey, thanks for the mention, and extra thanks for choosing my article as an Editor’s pick! Great job on the carnival this week!

16 BeThisWay

See, that’s what happens when you have too many windows open at the same time. But thanks for including my post anyway. 🙂

17 Patrick

A week of carnivals for you! What a lot of work… Great job, and thanks for hosting! 🙂

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