Crazy Experience

by Mr. Cheap

We didn’t write about it earlier, but Mike and I recently got a chance to speak at a blogging conference down in Boston (we got some laughs playing up the Canadian accents). The talk went well, but what was really crazy was on the way back we actually saw Bill Gates at the airport! He was getting a coffee at Starbucks and hitting on the barista, and although his two security guards tried to stop me, he saw me walking over to him and actually talked to me!

After chatting a bit (I didn’t tell him I was a Linux user), I mentioned that we were there for a blogging conference, and that we were going to be meeting a potential advertiser while we were at the airport. I asked him if he’d be willing to walk by and greet Mike and I by name (just to impress the advertisers). He had a chuckle about that and said that he would.

About 30 minutes later, we were half-way through our meeting and true to his word Bill walked up and said “Hey Mike and Cheap, how’s it going?” To which Mike replied “Dammit Gates! Can’t you see we’re in a meeting here?!?”

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1 quietrose

Very cute!

2 ~~Melissa

Hmmm. Is it April 1? Nope. Does Gates fly privately? Dunno. Hope your story is true. I like it!

3 MillionDollarJourney

I call bullsh*t! 😉 However, if it is true, congrats!

4 remodelingthislife

Very funny!

I’m a Linux user too. I didn’t know others existed. Cool!

5 MM

Great story!!

I lol’d

6 Middle Class Millionaire

So should we be expecting a very new, very expensive looking ad on your site any day now?


That is gold! I had to stumble that…

8 Samantha

So great! I actually looked to see if it was April first too but its not so I believe. Gutsy move, I’d probably sit on the other side of the room and gawk rather than approach.

9 fathersez


Hope your advertiser just gave you a blank cheque….signed of course.

10 Kyle

Well? Did the ploy work?

11 Nobleea

HAHA, that’s awesome guys.

12 telly

I feel a little gullible right now but I love the story. 🙂

13 SavingDiva

Smiling on a Monday…a rare thing…

14 moneygardener

I can’t believe that…..Mike would never be that rude, or use that type of language…


Funny, a little bit surreal

I doubt you’ll see Gates unless you fly first-class or business-class, and get to use the lounge

Mnn, does Gates own a private jet for his trips…

16 telly

I don’t know…I’ve seen some pretty famous people at airports. Sure, not Gates rich but famous nonetheless (Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertanelli about 10 yrs back). And my sister saw Conan O’Brian. True, they’re not billionaires… 🙂

17 Manj

Love the ploy…hope it got ink on the deal 🙂

18 Canadian Capitalist

C’mon guys. We still have more than 2 weeks to April 1st!

19 Warren

I’ve seen Jean Chretien and Stockwell Day (during Paul Martin’s term) in Toronto. The unbelievable part: they were chatting and laughing like old friends(!).

I’ve seen other stars like Sean Penn, Jim Belushi, Nelly, LL Cool J, JC Van Damme, etc. Everybody has to go through security and immigration.

20 telly

Sean Penn!! He’s the coolest! 🙂

21 moneygardener

I saw Stedman (Oprah’s former? man) in a bookstore at O’Hare.

22 WoolyWoman

Hilarious! You are so brave!

23 Mr. Cheap

Just if anyone is still wondering, this is a joke… No blogging conference, no Bill Gates, no “bon mot” for Mike (at least not this time). MG is right, I expected people would realize Mike wouldn’t be that rude and know its a joke :-).

24 FinancialJungle

You should have asked Bill to see if he can get you Warren Buffett’s autograph. 😀

25 CiaranFrom Chance

Nice one, had to believe for a few seconds…

26 Bill G.

If you’re going to make up stories about me, please do your fact checking first. I don’t drink coffee.

27 Jim

Great spin on a classic old joke!

28 No Debt Plan

This post is full of win and awesome.

Way to go… hilarious.

29 PT


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