Four Pillars Renamed To Money Smarts Blog

by Mike Holman

For anyone checking out the Four Pillars site you might have noticed that the domain has changed to  This is the big change I alluded to a month ago.

I picked the wrong weekend to do this switch as I haven’t even had time to change the header or a bunch of other stuff – but oh well.  It’s done!!

Please let me know if you see any problems with the new site.


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1 Mike Piper


How’d you manage getting all the 301’s done? And is it a new installation of Wordpress? And how’d you port over all the content?

I’d be very interested in seeing a Blogthority post about the process!

2 Rachelle

The new site is great, I’m jealous of your computer skills. Clearly I have managed to learn how to use a keyboard but that’s about it. 🙂 When it comes to putting things online I am so lost it’s just not even funny.

3 Mike

Hey Mike – short answer is that I hired a professional (Mrs. Micah) to do it. 🙂

I could have done it myself but it would have involved too much learning/time/stress and I’ve very glad I didn’t do it myself.

To answer your questions – for a 301 direct you can set one line which will redirect every url to the equivalent url on the new domain. This works if the permalink structure doesn’t change.

Had I inserted the following into my .htaccess on

redirect 301 /

then all the links on 4p would redirect to the equivalent on the new site:

ie would redirect to

In this case Mrs. Micah had to work some magic with regular expressions to remove the date so that
ie would redirect to

It was only a couple of lines on my .htaccess file however so again – it doesn’t have to be done for each post.

It is a new installation of Wordpress. I’ll do a post on it but it’s the same as moving your blog to a new host. You set up the new domain, create an empty database, export the data from the old database, import into the new database, move over all your files and that’s more or less it.

Rachelle – thanks. Outsourcing is your answer. 🙂

4 Squawkfox

You need a longer post explaining WHY the heck you changed domains. 🙂

5 Mike

Squawk – I’ll be explaining that on

Why do you care? You already know why I changed domains. 😛

6 WealthWebGuru

I like the new name a lot. Can’t wait to see the new look.
I’m excited for you!

7 KeenBeam

Will Google Reader change my Subscription from Four Pillars to MoneySmartsBlog? Looking forward to seeing your new logo/header.

8 Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

Congrats on a successful move over! Now hurry up and change that header!

9 Squawkfox

@Mike — You’re right, I don’t really care. 😀 But I would like to see your new theme look. 🙂
@KeenBeam Google Reader didn’t rename Four Pillars to Money Smarts Blog on my end. You’ll probably need to edit the name manually.

10 Mike

Keen – yes, you should still be subscribed to the feed.

Tom – done – although I’m thinking it looks a bit small.

Squawk – give me a couple of years and the theme will look slightly different. 😉

11 Financial Cents

Great stuff Mike!

I’m impressed. I think you should do a post on Wordpress, how you can make changes to your blog like the ones you did. Cheers!

12 Mike

FC – I do write about bloggy stuff over at I don’t like to write about the blog here at 4P…errrr MSB. 🙂

13 Squawkfox

Your favicon still needs an update. I only see 4P.

14 Preet

Favicon = 4p?

I thought it was a fork and spoon!

15 Mike

Preet, I made that favicon with my own two hands!!!

Fork and spoon finances. Maybe I should made that the new name so I could keep the favicon. 😉

Squawk – I’ll get to it…someday.

16 Pamela

Congrats – love the new name – very relevant!

17 Mike Piper

Random thought: If you have any old posts to which I’ve linked in the past that play an important role for your site, feel free to give me a heads up and I’ll update the links. (From what I’ve read, 301’s don’t pass 100% of the link value.)

18 Mike

Thanks Mike – I’m in the process of sending out emails to bloggers with some instructions on how update the links.

19 Ryan Martin

Love the new name!

What’s ironic is that I’m moving my sites over to Thesis too! Of course we’ll have to pimp our sites so they don’t look too alike; web design, always fun…

Also, congrats on the Globe & Mail mention in Best of the Money Blogs! Keep up the the good work!

20 Craig/FFB

Great name! Best of luck with it.

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