Giant Book Giveaway!

by Mike Holman

Please note that the contest is closed!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a book giveaway on this blog – too long! Between Mr. Cheap and I, we’ve managed to collect quite a few books. Some of them might be more suitable for presents but they are all worth a read (by someone). 🙂


Although we would love everyone to link to us, write a post about the contest, wash my car in order to enter the contest – you don’t have to. All you have to do is enter a comment or send an email to qffpillars at gmail dot com and you are in. I’d very much prefer that you enter a comment rather than use the email option.

The contest will end this Friday, August 29 at 8:00pm.

The books

The Four Pillars of Investing by William Bernstein. One of our favourite readers and commenters Nicolas has graciously donated a copy of this book which is my favourite.

Retire Rich From Real Estate by Marc W. Andersen. I thought this was a pretty good book for learning about real estate investing although Mr. Cheap wasn’t as impressed although he said it is a good book for beginners.

The Little Book of Value Investing by Christopher Browne. This book is great for value and dividend investors – if you are feeling down about your portfolios then this book might be a good pick-me-up!  We posted a review here.

The Quiet Millionaire by Brett Wilder. This is a general personal finance book.

Please Send Money – Dara Duguay. This book is aimed at younger adults who don’t have much financial knowledge.

How it will work

I will pick seven people at random (there are 2 copies of the real estate book and Send Money) and will email them in order.  The winners will get to choose which book they want out of the remaining books.

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1 Million Dollar Journey

First! Great book list. A lot of them I’ve been meaning to pick up.

2 Plamen

I have read only the first one and I have learned a lot about the fundamentals of investmenting

3 johnny

Great work,
I read your blog daily.
A book would really be appreciated .

Keep up the great work

4 Maria

They all look like great reads, especially 4 Pillars and Please Send $ which are on my list to read as a relative young one in the finance world (22 yrs). 🙂

5 moneygardener

I’m in guys!

6 The Reverend

Sign me up toooo.

7 Mike

Would love the real estate book. We bought our first rental this summer and are thinking of getting a second.

8 Erick

Free book? Sounds good!

9 Cristian

yes, yes, me too, thank you

10 guinness416

Thanks lads. If you pick me, I will send over my husband to wash your car.

11 Sean

Count me in! I have a couple of these, but would love the others!

12 Brian

Love the site and the book list

13 Andre

Great blog, great advice, count me in 🙂 !

14 Four Pillars

If you pick me, I will send over my husband to wash your car.

I think we have our first winner! 🙂

15 Charles Martineau

Hi! Count me in! I am a fan of Bernstein’s “intelligent asset allocator” but I haven’t read The Four Pillars of Investing yet! COUNT ME IN!
I’ll send you my grandma super amazing strawberry cookies!

16 Nobleea

sign me upizzle, yo!

17 Kyle

I haven’t read any of those except Bernstein’s book, which I’m a big fan of.

18 Chris

PF books are always a good read. Sign me up!

19 Aaron

Nice! Sign me up, please.

20 Joel

I haven’t read any of those books…. but would love to …. sign me up.

21 Millionaireby45

I read your blog religiously. Great job.

22 Canadian Dream

Ah, free. Count me in.


23 Potato

Count me in, I’d love to have a copy of 4 pillars from 4 pillars 🙂

24 Jason R.

Yay, free books!

25 G P

Free books are always appreciated!

26 Trevor

Sign me up as well! Thanks.

27 Jesus

I have not read any of those so I will be happy to win.

28 Andrea

So the winner gets all 5 books or are there 5 different winners?

29 Billy Pilgrim

I’m just getting started on my financial plan. Your blog and a couple of others (Canadian Capitalist, Million Dollar Journey) have been very informative and useful. I think I’m actually starting to enjoy this process!

Any other reading material that will help is much appreciated.

30 Mathew

I’m interested.

If you pick me I’ll send my girlfriend over to wash your car.

31 Frog of Finance

Whoo hooo! Free books! I love free books. :o)


32 Gene

Thanks for your generosity. Include me in the draw, please. I’ve read The Little Book that Beats the Market and The Little Book that Makes You Rich. The former is much better than the latter, but both are worthwhile.

33 Paolo

Keep up the good work. The book give aways are bonus.

34 GIV

Me like free books

35 Four Pillars

Andrea – I added a section at the bottom of the post which explains how it will work.


36 Four Pillars

Entry via email from JFC.

37 JP Daigle

Terrific idea! I’m rooting for the Four Pillars book too, as it’s got a waiting list a mile long at the public library.

38 Kam A

Would love to be entered!

39 Debbie B

Awesome site and I loe your blog, I am a faithful email subscriber! I hope I win the Please Send Money book for my daughter.

40 Nicolas

Wow, my book is popular… maybe I should keep it… just kidding!

Great giveaway, should have them more often.


41 Dillon

count me in!

42 Regular

Alright, you’ve got a lurker to comment!

43 Mike

Thanks, please count me in!

44 Marina

Please enter me in the contest!

45 David

Always interested, I’ve very much enjoyed your blog, and I’ve just been getting into investing in the last couple of months. Your site, and the others in your network have been instrumental in my education. Thanks!

46 Brian

Sign me up please!

47 Eileen

Sign me up! If I promise to donate the book back after I’m done would that increase my odds?

Great list of books BTW

48 Carla Pullum

Would love to be entered!! I am enjoying the summer reading!

49 Edward

I need to learn more. Please pick me.

50 Jordan Clark

Please throw my name in the hat.

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