Hot and Humid LinkStuff

by Mike Holman

Wow, it is hot, hot, hot in Toronto this week.  But not as hot as last weekend during the G20 summit – what a complete embarrassment for everyone involved (including the city of Toronto).

On with the links!


Carnival of Financial Planning

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1 youngandthrifty

Thanks for the link! =) Yeah, come out here to Vancouver- though you have to be ready to tough out the 300 days of rain. If you’re game, come out! I just went hiking the other day and saw a 360 degree view of Squamish (this town between Vancouver and Whistler). Can you do that in the T-dot? =) (though my BF loves Toronto too- apparently there’s really good pad Thai out there!)

2 Big Cajun Man

Thanks for the mention. We lost power yesterday for a while, and it got a little worrisome, maybe I need to go buy a generator…

3 Mike

Y&T – It rains out there? Forget it! 🙂

BCM – Except for a brief blackout downtown the other day, the hydro has been able to handle all the millions of AC units going at full blast in the GTA. Hopefully that continues.

4 The Financial Blogger

thx for the mention!
I got 1.67% with my super technique of “not saying a word”… not sure it was the best way to manage my income raise this year… darn!

5 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for the mention Mike. I think “diddly squat” is also appropriate in the context of pay raises 🙂

6 Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

Hey Big Guy, thanks for the mention!

7 Preet

Tanks spanky!

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