LinkStuff – Kingston Visit Edition

by Mike Holman

Last weekend we went to the lovely city of Kingston, Ontario.  It was a short trip – we left early Saturday morning and got home at dinner time on Sunday.  A friend of mine invited us for a bbq and we decided to go (at the last minute), since I hadn’t seen him and a few other friends in attendance for a long time.

The weekend cost a small fortune – super expensive hotel room and a couple of restaurant lunches, but it certainly was fun. Now that we know how nice Kingston is we will certainly do a return visit.  Possibly combining it with a trip to Sandbanks provincial park.

View from hotel balcony

On with the links

Moneyville was kind enough to publish an article I wrote, Why I have a $20,000 emergency fund.

Canajun Finances has some RESP back-to-school reminders.

Canadian Dream had a great post called the war on stuff.  I need to clean out my basement too.

Sustainable Personal Finance canceled his cable and came up with 10 reasons to cancel your cable.  I’m quite impressed by the amount he is saving.  I’m not canceling my cable though.  🙂

Rob from Canadian Mortgage Trends wrote a very good article about why a fixed mortgage is a better choice over variable.  Very good analysis.

Oblivious Investor says that you can’t assume your effective taxes will go up when deciding between a tax-deferred account or an after-tax account.

Nicolas Johnson from the Globe & Mail wrote about the lessons of Japan’s lost decades. Diversify!

Retire Happy extols the virtues of low fee mutual funds.

Kevin Press “Today’s Economy” is now blogging at the new Brighter Life website – go check him out!

Krystal had an interesting article about four lies we tell ourselves about home ownership.

The Wealthy Canadian explains RRSPs.

Michael James has a different approach to explaining index investing.

My Own Advisor learned some financial lessons from his wife.

Boomer & Echo also had some financial goal discussions with his wife.

Canadian Capitalist builds a diversified portfolio using commission-free ETFs.

Million Dollar Journey talks about Scotia iTrade offers commission free ETFs.


Best of Money Carnival – I was fortunate to be selected as one of the top 10 posts.

Festival of Frugality – My article was the #2 editor’s pick.

Carnival of Wealth


A few extra links

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1 Michael James

I’m not cancelling my cable either. Thanks for the mention.

2 Sustainable PF

Thanks for the mention. I wouldn’t have cancelled cable if I couldn’t get the same content for free.
I was born and raised in Kingston. It is a lovely city.

3 Gail

For your next trip to Kingston, have a look at B&Bs. We found one just outside the city. It was very reasonable and gave us a goo breaksfast. I thik this choice beats hotels.

4 My Own Advisor

Thanks for the mention Mike.

I’ve been to “K-town” many times, nice city. It was great for frosh week. Ugh, I’m old. 🙁

Have a nice weekend!

5 One of Seven

“Now that we know how nice Kingston is we will certainly do a return visit. Possibly combining it with a trip to Sandbanks provincial park”…. or making it a pit-stop on your way to Ottawa!

I wouldn’t mind cancelling our cable, but I’d never be able to convince Mr. J…! Nevertheless, I’m going to make sure he reads the article!

Congrats on your #2 spot in Festival of Frugality — I really liked that article on estimating home maintenance costs, Mike!

6 Mike Holman

@One of Seven – Yes, stopping over in Kingston is not a bad idea!

The problem with cancelling cable is sports. I don’t think there any acceptable online alternatives. The other problem is that just because there are lots of free alternatives, doesn’t mean they will stay free.

For example Hulu was big in the US because they had a lot of good shows online for free. Until they started charging. 🙂

Glad you liked the home maintenance cost article.

7 Sustainable PF

@Mike – I included the maintenance post in my monthly links as well.
Miss T @ PET mentioned she and her husband order the NFL package but don’t use the cable.
Also, the alternatives are going to the network sites themselves and watching online. If the shows I want are sitting there, why pay for them?
I was sure one could get hockey night in canada via CBC too.

8 Mike Holman

@SPF – Thanks.

The NFL package costs a fair bit of money – when I used to get it on cable it was something like $20 or $25/month. Mind you that was a long time ago when it first came out so now it might be cheaper.

9 My Own Advisor

@Mike and SPF,

I would find it very difficult to give up cable. I could do it, but it would be painful. For now, the fun factor wins, especially with sports and movies.

Dare I consider the consequences if my wife didn’t have her True Blood!

10 Kevin Press (Today's Economy Blog)

Thanks very much for the link Mike.

11 The Wealthy Canadian

Now that’s an awesome view! Sounds like you had a great time; good stuff.

Thanks for the mention Mike, I really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend,


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