LinkStuff – Almost Christmas Edition

by Mike Holman

Christmas is coming up quickly – Happy holidays in advance!

I haven’t decided my posting schedule yet, but it will likely be light(er) than usual for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

On with the links

Tim Ferriss is well known for his 4-hour work week.  But maybe Ferriss is just a big fraud?

This won’t be funny if you don’t know what a lifestyle blogger is, but here are the 17 steps to instant success as a lifestyle designer.

Andrew Hallam came up with the biggest loser financial challenge – interesting!

Canadian Capitalist takes issue with Jon Chevreau who said that active management is alive and well.

Canadian Couch Potato also disagreed about Dynamic’s fund performance and says that picking successful hockey players is much easier than successful mutual funds. Perhaps you just need to pick funds run by portfolio managers that are born early in the year? 😉

Boomer and Echo says that passive index investing is for the birds.

Michael James came up with a clever way to replicate the great performance of select Dynamic mutual funds.

Jim Yih asks if you are a bull or a bear when it comes to dividend stocks. I think dividend stocks are fine, but they are no magic bullet.

The Oblivious Investor had some interesting observations about stock mountain charts.

Larry MacDonald did a book review of Tom Bradley’s new book – “It’s not rocket science”.

My Own Advisor shows that he made some good progress on 2010 financial goals.

Million Dollar Journey suggests that lending money to friends, probably isn’t a good idea.

Investing Thesis hosted the Canadian finance carnival. Lots of great articles.

Warning – foul language: This ad in Craiglist is for computer repair – very unique.

A few American links

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1 Michael James

I work near a guy who’s language is similar to the computer repair guy. The funny thing is he’s a nice guy. Thanks for the mention.

2 WealthWebGuru

Thanks for the mention Mike!
Have a great holiday season and congrats on all your successes this year!

3 Echo

Thanks for including my article in your round-up Mike. Hope you have a great Christmas!

4 Tax Guy

The Craigslist ad is brilliantly funny. However, I’m curious how you came across this? I don’t trust anyone on CraigsList. When I need a service such as this, I’d be inclined to use Elance.

5 Mike

@Tax Guy – Someone sent me the link, because it was so funny.

6 Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

Thanks for the link to Jim’s article!

7 Financial Cents

Thanks for the mention Mike!

I think 2010 has been an excellent year for you! I can’t wait to see what you do in 2011! 🙂

Have a great holiday season.

Mark from My Own Advisor

8 F*** that, dude

The Craigslist ad has expired, but the text was posted over at

9 Mike Holman

@F That – Thanks for the new link – I updated the post.

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