Linkstuff – Busy Week Edition

by Mike Holman

Busy week here on MSB with three posts. Unfortunately, they were all RESP-oriented. 🙂  That should change soon as I have only one more article to write for the 2nd edition of the book.

On with the links

Support Spy has some good tips on using group discount sites (like Groupon).

Dan Hallet notes that Vanguard will not affect the retail mutual fund market. I agree – most Canadians get their investments through commission advisors who won’t sell Vanguard. They will take assets away from iShares.

Romana King from Moneysense says that house sellers shouldn’t provide a written disclosure. I agree.

Jason Zweig has an easy way to beat the market.

Canadian Capitalist is not impressed with Vanguard’s wishy-washy take on active management. Just because a company is non-profit doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to sell more products.

Boomer & Echo compares potty training to personal finance.

Michael James defines different investing types.

Million Dollar Journey asks can people save too much money?

I thought I did well with three posts this week, but Preet outdid me with his first post in nine years: What is Vanguard going to do in Canada?

The Oblivious Investor explains that you should save for retirement before savings for your kid’s education.

Retire Happy wonders if Vanguard will start a mutual fund price war? Not a chance.

Some extra links

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1 Echo

Thanks for the mention Mike! What’s your next series going to be on?

2 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for the mention Mike. Have a great weekend!

3 Support Spy

I very much appreciate the mention! Thanks Mike.

4 Michael James

Thanks for the mention. On the subject of Vanguard, I don’t look to them to spark a price war. I like their shareholder-friendly practices concerning things that few investors have ever heard of such as being conservative with securities lending.

5 Preet

What should I give away on the blog for my 10 year anniversary? 😛

Ha ha – thanks for the mention Mike!

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