LinkStuff – Easter Egg Hunt Edition

by Mike Holman

I’m looking forward to the big Easter egg hunt that we will have at our house.  Last year, the kids really enjoyed it and it went on for hours.  My son really enjoyed hiding eggs and then leading me around telling me where to find them.  🙂

My pushup challenge is still going.  I finished week two and then did an exhaustion test where I completed 30 pushups.  This is a huge improvement over my initial test where I only did 10!  Now I’m working on week three, which I expect to take a few weeks to complete.  🙂

Special mention

I was interviewed a while back by Kate McCaffery who wrote two very good RESP articles over at Wallet Pop Canada.  She used some of my quotes in the articles.

Here are the two articles:

On with the links

Rachelle from Landlord Rescue does a good expose on a real estate investing “course”. Apparently they aren’t quite as good as advertised.  Imagine that.

Krystal vents her frustrations getting money from her TD e-series RRSP. I love the low cost of these products, but I also wonder why TD doesn’t just shut them down, if they aren’t going to support them.

John Spears at Moneyville wrote a very good article on Property tax – 10 things you need to know. Point #7 is a good one.

Canadian Mortgage Trends reports on a renegade RBC mortgage specialist who says that mortgage brokers are no good. I’ve found that mortgage brokers are far superior to any bank “lending specialist”.

Canadian Capitalist hosted a series by the Blunt Bean Counter on Transferring the family cottage. An excellent series.

Million Dollar Journey had a guest post by Sustainable Personal Finance on Cottages and capital gains tax. I don’t remember ever seeing a blog post on cottage succession in the last five years, and now – twice in one week. I better get started on mine. 🙂

Boomer and Echo covers How to draw cash from your investments.

Retire Happy recommends being debt free in retirement.  Hard to argue with that great advice.

Some American links

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1 Echo

Thanks for the mention Mike, I hope you and your family have a great Easter.

I’m looking forward to the Easter egg hunt with our daughter this year, should be lots of fun!

2 Canadian Capitalist

Easter egg hunt with the kids is so much fun. Thanks for the mention Mike! Have a great Easter weekend!

3 Rachelle

You know I love you… right? Thanks for the linkstuff… Happy Easter egg hunting guys… Mike you’ll probably only be able to do 25 pushups on Monday. Parents sacrifice a lot you know, they frantically gobble up chocolate before their kids get it all in fear of the inevitable sugar/caffeine frenzy. Anyone who doesn’t think chocolate is a bad drug for kids hasn’t seen my three year old on it. Plus it’s addictive 🙂

4 Jim Yih

How many pushups can you do with a pile of chocolate eggs right where your mouth is? Everytime you go down, you reward yourself with an chocolate. Might not be healthy but maybe you’ll top 30!

Happy Easter everyone!
Thanks for the mention Mike!

5 Mark Goodfield (The Blunt Bean Counter)

Mike, thanks for the mention via CC and your comments on CC’s blog. I am waiting for your cottage article.

The time of the Easter egg hunt is in direct correlation to how much chocolate the kids have before it starts 😉

6 krystalatwork

Thanks for the mention, Mike! Because of all of the trouble I’ve had with TD over my mutual funds, I am seriously considering moving everything to another bank and giving up on TD altogether.

7 Sustainable PF

Thanks for mentioning our article on cottage succession.

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