LinkStuff – Fall Is Here Investing Edition

by Mike Holman

Fall is here, but the weather is still pretty nice here in Toronto.  I will likely be launching my book next week.  Look for it!

On with the links

One of the common myths of the stock market is that it will go down when all the boomers cash out.  Larry Swedroe explains why this idea is nonsense.

Preet explains that the super-cheap new ETF released last week by Horizons BetaPro is not that complex or risky.

Canadian Couch Potato gives us more fun with TD e-series funds.  You really have to want these funds apparently.

Investor Junkie gives us a detailed look at his retirement asset allocation.  The most shocking part of the article is when he says he has 3 kids – 4 years old, 18 months old and 3 months old.  Wow – I don’t know where he finds the time to blog.  🙂

Monevator gives us five reasons why you will love index investing.  Preaching to the choir around here.

Gen Y Wealth wants to get an MBA but doesn’t want to pay for it.  Check out his DIY MBA program.  A great idea.

A neat story about a woman who went from living in a van down by the river to selling her company for $91 million.  I have my doubts as to the homeless aspect, but it’s still a good story.  Thanks to Jeremy from GenXFinance for this one.

Jeremy Siegel says that dividend stocks are a better investment than bonds at the moment.

Larry MacDonald wonders if China is the next Enron.

Michael James says that Jack Layton wants to take away your credit card.

Today’s Economy had a good story about a 2008 marketing graduate who is having a hard time finding a job.

Financial Blogger tells us the jobs he would like to do if he was a millionaire.

Canadian Capitalist says that energy-saving claims are often exaggerated.

Million Dollar Journey covers some of the risks of corporate bonds.

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1 Michael James

Good luck with the book sales! Thanks for the mention.

2 Investor Junkie

To answer your question. I don’t 🙂

Thanks for the mention.

3 The Financial Blogger

thx man!
Have a great weekend!

4 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for the mention Mike! Have a great weekend!

5 Million Dollar Journey

Thanks for the link Mike!

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