LinkStuff For A Saturday Nov 14

by Mike Holman

Moolanomy had a great post wondering what exactly is so bad about credit cards and why are debit cards better?

Amateur Asset Allocator talks about his experience “activating” a credit card – a rather funny description of the up-sell attempts.

Momma’s blog had a post on the 7 sins of fashion – some interesting pics.

The rest of the links

ABCs of Investing had a familiar post with a great stocking stuffer idea – a short beginner investing book.  I say familiar because it’s almost the exact same post as the 4P – stocking stuffer idea post.  🙂

The Financial Blogger made 6 figures this year and he’s not shy about it!

Budgets are Sexy ponders the riches he would have if he moved back home with his parents.

Million Dollar Journey covered the top low-cost Canadian drip stocks.

Canadian Capitalist reviewed the book “Understanding Wall Street”.

No Debt Plan wonders if debit cards are riskier than credit cards?

The Weakonomist answers the question of why competing stores open up next to each other.  He also points out that you can donate money to help pay down the national debt.  Mr. W correctly observes that donating money to someone who spends more than they make is not such a great idea.

Amateur Asset Allocator lays down the Roth IRA Rules.
Free From Broke compared Similarities of Running a Marathon and Personal Finance

Cash Money Life loves watching tv while his little one sleeps through the night – which prompted this – Netflix Review : Online DVD Rentals.  He also had time to expore Open Enrollment Health Insurance Options.

Redeeming Riches explains why you shouldn’t fall in love with your 401(k) plan.

The Wisdom Journal has Interview Your Interviewer.


Carnival of 20 something finances

Carnival of Financial Planning

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Thanks for the link Mike!


Thanks so much for the mention!

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Hey Mike, thanks! Loved the link on the credit card upsell!

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