LinkStuff for Friday, Mar 27

by Mike Holman

Busy times – I hosted the carnival of personal finance on Monday which contained 98 entries.  The theme was learn the basics of investing.  And the funny thing is that I’m hosting it again – 2 weeks later on my other blog – the ABCs of Investing.  If you are a blogger then make sure you get your picks in for that carnival nice and early – I really, really hate late submissions ie enter by Sat, Apr 4 at the latest.

Posts of the week

Being Frugal had a guest post (which I wrote) about the very basics of asset allocation.

The Wisdom Journal is rethinking the American Dream.

Cash Money Life says I hate doing taxes.  Join the club Patrick!

The Financial Highway talks about the pros and cons of leveraging.

PT Money had an interesting post on borrowing from your 401k – making the best of a bad situation.

The rest of the links

Canadian Capitalist concluded his 19 part series on Derek Foster with a book review of Money for Nothing.

Financial Blogger explains why you shouldn’t do market timing.

ABCs of Investing explains how interest rates affect bond prices as well as online discount brokerages.

The Oblivious Investor wrote about target retirement funds.

Money Ning reminds says there is an impending retirement crisis.

Good Financial Cents is wondering if the markets beginning to thaw?

The Consumer Boomer explains how to tap your 401k without penalty.

The Intelligent Speculator wonders if the market is on steroids.

Investing School discusses diversification across different asset classes.

Million Dollar Journey wrote about the purpose of money.

Bible Money Matters answers the question – when will we see the stimulus package paycheck increase?

Moolanomy explains Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps to financial freedom.

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The RESP Book: The Simple Guide to Registered Education Savings Plans

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1 PT Money

Thanks, 4P. With all the carnival work, I’m sure you’re pulling some late nights. Looking forward to the ABC carnival.

2 Ray

Hi Mike,

Thanks for hosting a great carnival, looking forward to the next time!

have a great weekend

3 Canadian Capitalist

Just 19 eh? That may not be enough coverage of this super important topic :))

Thanks for the link!

4 ObliviousInvestor

Thanks as always for the link. Hope the double dose of carnivals doesn’t backlog you too much. 🙂

5 Squawkfox

Woah! You’re running a three-ring circus!

6 FT

Thanks for the mention Mike!

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