LinkStuff – Jumped Off The Wagon Edition

by Mike Holman

The diet continues (sort of). I fell off the wagon last weekend. Actually, it was more like diving off the wagon head first. 🙂

My “no beer” diet rules stated that I had to weigh in at less than 180 pounds for two days in a row before I could have any beer. In fact I weighed 179.5 and 180.0 last Friday and Saturday morning.

We went to visit some friends at their country house last weekend and I decided to have some beers since I was close enough to the goal. The diet continues (I weighed 179.5 pounds this morning) although I probably won’t be as strict about the lack of beer. 🙂

Important TFSA info

Earlier this week I posted about Estate planning with your TFSA – choosing a beneficiary or successor holder. Not surprisingly, the article didn’t get much traffic. If you have a TFSA, I urge you to read it and make sure you have your TFSA set up properly. The estate rules are not complicated and it won’t take much time to set up the beneficiary information

On with the links

Canadian Capitalist wonders why the National Post is always ranting against RRSPs. I wonder too.

Ellen Roseman published an interview with Derek Foster.  It was interesting, but Ellen doesn’t sound too keen on Derek’s new book.

Home Cents blog has Do your investments fit your retirement plan. An excellent primer for retirement planning.

Krystal wrote about some problems with TD mutual funds.  They won’t let her buy the funds she wants!

Landlord Rescue updates about an interesting problem tenant.

Today’s Economy blog says that market predictions are a waste of time.

Sustainable Personal Finance shows exactly How to install a low-flow toilet. Replacing a toilet is probably one of the few renovations I’ve encountered that was easier than I expected.

Rob Carrick lists some good retirement planning calculators.

Retire Happy blog says that it’s time to review your RRSP portfolio. Excellent advice.

The Financial Blogger finally found out who his Dad is. Unfortunately, he turns out to be a complete charlatan. 😉

My Own Advisor gives us the Coles notes version of his retirement plan.

Boomer and Echo covers some different investing strategies to consider.

Larry MacDonald rereads the RRSP chapter from The Wealthy Barber and says it’s a bit out of date.

Million Dollar Journey wonders is life without tv worth living?

A few more links

Want to learn more about RESPs? Buy The Book:


The RESP Book: The Simple Guide to Registered Education Savings Plans

Everything you need to know about RESPs.

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1 Echo

Thanks for the mention Mike. Don’t worry about jumping off the wagon, these things happen from time to time. I’m sure you’ll be able to stay below 180, but if the Leafs keep winning you may be having more celebration beers (I’m feeling the same way about the Flames right now).

2 larry macdonald

Thanks for mention. Last month I heard dark chocolate was good for you. Wish I hadn’t heard that (or seen those big chocolate bars marked down at Winners).

3 Rachelle

Hi Mike,

Good Morning! Glad you made it to your goal, Did you consider shaving your head to get the extra .5 pounds off?

4 One of Seven

Congrats on reaching your goal, Mike! I’ll call you “Tenacious M.” from now on…!!

5 Mrs Holman

One of Seven, he is tenacious! I don’t know how he does it.

6 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for the mention Mike! We can only hope that no investor listened to DF saying “it’s going to get worse!” and dumped their stocks.

7 Sustainable PF

Thanks for including our How-To article Mike! I agree entirely, installing a toilet is MUCH easier than one would think.

8 Mike Holman

@Echo – The Leafs are on a roll, now that the pressure is off.

@Larry – Chocolate in any colour is very healthy. Especially when mixed with peanut butter and beer on the side. :

@Rachelle – No, it never got that desparate!

@One – Thanks!

@CC – I hope not too.

@SPF – Too bad that most other renos are much harder than expected.

9 My Own Advisor

Congrats Mike, and celebrate a bit tomorrow with the big game. Even if it’s light beer 🙂

BTW, I read your TFSA article.

Thanks for the mention and enjoy your weekend! Go Pack!

10 Mr. BP

Don’t stay off the wagon too long, it just makes it all that much further to go once you jump back on. Best of luck!

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