LinkStuff – Tour de France Edition

by Mike Holman

I’ve been having trouble finding time for posting lately – work, holidays, exercise, and the Tour de France have all been taking up a lot of my time.

The good news is that I’ve been exercising a ton and I feel like I’m getting into decent shape.  This morning I weighed in at 174.5 pounds which is probably a 15 year low.

On with the links

Krystal Yee from GMBMFB, put up some photos of herself wearing braces. If you’ve ever wondered what she looks like and how she got onto the vaunted Hot Personal Finance Blogger Chicks list, now you can find out. I don’t want to say too much (since my wife reads the blog), but I would definitely recommend that the guys go and check out her braces. 😉

Canadian Couch Potato wrote about his experience with the Scotia iTrade US$-friendly RRSP.  This option is not as good as a proper US$ RRSP which is available at Questrade, Qtrade and RBC, but it’s a reasonable workaround for high currency exchange fees.

MapleMoney wrote a Qtrade Investor Online Broker Review.

Michael James had an interesting article on irrational risk avoidance.

Retire Happy put together a great list of questions to ask potential financial advisors before you hire them.

Million Dollar Journey talks about estate planning.

The Oblivious Investor says that risk means different things to different people.

Boomer & Echo says it’s time to check up on your employer sponsored pension plan.

Today’s Economy blog says We’re not frugal, just tired.

The amazing Preet Banerjee reveals that market research is sometimes just spin.

Canadian Capitalist wrote about John Bogle’s estimate of the behaviour gap. I’m always skeptical of these estimates. I’d like to know the methodology behind the numbers.

Larry Swedroe asks if Meredith Whitney could have been more wrong? She made a prediction that the American municipal bond market would collapse and so far – it hasn’t.

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1 Kevin Press (Today's Economy Blog)

Thanks for the link Mike. Good call on the Retire Happy link too. Enjoy your weekend, K.

2 Michael James

I’ve been following the tour as well. I was happy to see Andy’s big move pay off. Thanks for the mention.

3 Jim Yih

@Mike. I hope you get back to writing soon. I always look forward to your posts. Great job getting in shape!
@Kevin – thanks for the kind words!

4 Krystal Yee

Thanks for giving this Brace Face a shout out. 🙂

5 Squawkfox (Kerry)

I missed your weekly weigh ins. Good to have you back! 😀

6 Financial Uproar

The hot financial blogger chick posts are probably my two most popular. A full 96% of why is because of you. So thanks for that. 🙂

As for Krystal… yep. I don’t remember the girls looking that hot with their braces in high school.

And since I’m too lazy to go back to the camping post and comment, let me just say how I’d never camp with kids. I hate camping with just adults, I can’t imagine how much it would suck with kids.

7 Echo

Thanks for the mention, Mike! I remember watching the Tour de France when Miguel Indurain won 5 straight back in the 90’s. Since then, I just catch the highlights (?) when a pace car takes out 20 riders in a domino effect. Pure hilarity.

8 Mike Holman

@Financial Uproar – I only link to quality. 🙂 Your email reminded me that I wanted to link to your camping post.

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