LinkStuff – TV Mount Edition

by Mike Holman

As I mentioned recently, I bought a flat screen tv.  I also picked up a articulating wall mount, which allows the tv to be moved around.  I needed it because I wanted to put the tv in a corner.  It ended up being a minor construction project since the plate which you attach to the wall was too short to cross two studs.  I built a frame which you can see in the picture.  It was a bit of work, but after it was done – attaching the tv mount and tv was a piece of cake.  Of course I had to do one extra Home Depot run to buy attaching bolts.  The ones that came with the mount were for a concrete wall.  Who has concrete walls?

The small pieces of tape indicate the studs

On with the links

A few American links

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1 Michael James

That’s quite a solid-looking frame you built. Thanks for the mention.

2 Big Cajun Man

Thanks for the mention! Have a warmer weekend than we will have here in Ottawa

3 jesse

“Who has concrete walls?”

Think highrise condo. There are more than a few being built these days… If you’re attaching this to drywall with studs you’re probably using toggle bolts with their own hardware included.

4 larry macdonald

Great roundup with lots to dip into. And thanks for links. I just finished a few hours on a construction project of my own this week — assembling a ping pong table. It didn’t go according to plan, either. Too much trouble to return, though.

5 Canadian Capitalist

Your construction project looks real nice. We’ve mounted the TV in the corner as well. I simply bought a mount that has more degrees of movement on Kijiji.

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