LinkStuff – Valentine’s Day Edition

by Mike Holman

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share this true love story:

My daughter (age 3) tells me every day: “Daddy, I love you.  I don’t love you as much as I love Mommy, but I still love you a lot”. 

I’m thinking an appropriate response might be “Honey, I love you.  I don’t love you as much as your brother, but I still love you a lot”.  😉

On with the links

Morris Rosenthal wrote a smirk-tastic article.  Are you an over-smirker?

Boomer & Echo says that the first time home buyer must choose between a HBP or TFSA.

Canadian Capitalist warns that investing in magazine stock picks is a bad idea.

Ever wonder if those public marriage proposals ever end in failure? This article has some examples. The last story is the funniest.

Michael James discloses that the choice between TFSA or RRSP depends on your personality.

The Oblivious Investor writes Vanguard spotlights simplicity.

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1 Echo

“Nice to see you posting again”, he said with a smirk.

Thanks for the mention, Mike!

2 Michael James

I love your blog, but I don’t love it as much as … 🙂
Thanks for the mention.

3 Mike Holman

You guys are funny. 🙂

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