New Forums, New Stuff and Carnival of Personal Finance

by Mike Holman

First up – I’m hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance today over at ABCs of Investing.  The theme is “Spring has sprung” –  lots of pretty flower pics so head on over and check it out!

Here’s a very funny “extreme frugality” video.  It’s pretty short (2 minutes) video by Ramit from I will teach you to be rich.  It’s basically poking fun at some silly extreme frugality concepts – check it out.  This is the original post the video is on (hint, it was published on April 1).

The Canadian Capitalist and Million Dollar Journey have teamed up to create the Canadian Money Forum – this is a place where you can go and chit chat about money stuff – Canadian or otherwise.  You can view the forums without registering (which is very easy) but if you want to post anything you will have to be registered.


I entered in the first ever Carnival of Pecuniary Delights this week held at Pecuniarities.  Check it out – some pretty good posts.

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1 Canadian Money Forum

Thanks for plugging the forum Mike!

2 guinness416

Spring has sprung? I’m looking at dark skies and snow out my office window right now.

3 Mrs Pillars

Yes, and I was hearing some thunder to go along with that snow. Lovely weather!

4 Four Pillars

Haha – maybe I should have called it the “Let’s welcome winter back” edition…

Stupid weather!!

5 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for plugging the Forum Mike. We hope it will develop into a valuable resource for all things financial.

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