New York Unemployment Extensions – 13 More Weeks Of Extended Benefits?

by Mike Holman

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[update on May 12  New York extends unemployment by 13 weeks]
[update on May 19 – Unemployment bill to extend EB by 13 weeks has been passed by legislature].

The state of New York has been hit pretty hard by the current economic climate and unemployment levels have been rising.  As a result of these  high unemployment rates New York state has qualified for unemployment benefit extensions which were introduced as part of the 2009 stimulus package.

Unemployment benefits currently available in New York

At the moment there are a total of 59 weeks of unemployment available to New Yorkers:

  • 26 weeks – These are the regular unemployment benefits which are available regardless of the economy.
  • 33 weeks – This is Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) which is made up of a 20 week segment followed by a 13 week segment.  Emergency benefits will be paid by the same method as the regular benefits (direct deposit or check).

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Will there be another 13 weeks of extended benefits?

The state government including Gov. David A. Paterson, is currently working on this extension which would involve about $645 million of federal money along with state money for funding.  The reason for the delay is that New York, along with several other states have laws which need changing in order to accept the federal funding.  If the legislation is passed it will provide an additional 13 weeks of benefits to approximately 120,000 New Yorkers for a total of 72 weeks of unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefit information for other states

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Will New York add 13 more weeks of unemployment benefits?

New York extends unemployment benefits by 13 weeks

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Texas Unemployment Benefits Extension - 13 more weeks

Unemployment benefits extended in 2009 stimulus package.

Bill H3548 - 13 week extension for high unemployment states.

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California Unemployment Benefits Extension - 20 more weeks.

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