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I’m often struck at the stark difference between salespeople and advisors, how oblivious some people seem to be to the difference and the lengths some salespeople will go to present themselves as advisors. It’s a spectrum, and the differences can be a little fuzzy, but if we think of a benevolent family doctor / general […]


When I did my condo purchase series I promised to provide an update after I did my tax return and never got around to it.  Better late than never, I’ve completed my 2009 taxes and can provide a summary. The way most investors (incorrectly) calculate their return is to take the rental income and subtract […]


One of Microsoft Windows’ competitors is Linux, a free operating system.  Beyond it’s low price, it’s a very stable, reliable system.  If I was playing a game or watching a movie, it’s easier to do so on Windows, but if I’m running a web server or an ftp server Linux is far better. While competing, […]


“Almost all neglect the properties they manage and take kickbacks from suppliers and subcontractors who overcharge the property manager’s client in order to pay the kickbacks.” – John T. Reed People selling real estate advice almost always advocate using property management companies.  John T. Reed suggests they do this to overcome the objection “I don’t […]


I like to think that each of the ways I’ve written about to make money with investment real estate is real, doable and ethical. I feel the same about this way, but its the one you’ll be least interested in talking about in polite company: buying at a discount. In order to live up to […]


One and a half years ago I did a post about Labour vs. Investment Income and Mike did a post about Do You Really Earn Your Investment Income? The point of both of our posts was that there is an expected investment return (ROI) that an investor can’t really take credit for.  If you match […]


On Tuesday I posted about Beginning Investment Strategies to Consider, and as promised, in this post I’ll detail investing strategies I think beginner investors should avoid. There are countless people who want to get your money for a “can’t lose” investment.  I’ll try to talk about general “warning signs”, but inherently this is a topic […]


Mike and Trent are in Las Vegas and Mike has just lost a hand of blackjack after Trent advised him to double down. TRENT: I’m telling you, baby, you always double down on an eleven. MIKE: Yeah? Well obviously not always! TRENT: Always, baby. MIKE: I’m just saying, not in this particular case. TRENT: Always. […]