PhD Announcement

by Mr. Cheap

As I’ve wrote about before, I’ve applied to do a PhD. I was very fortunate that I was accepted at the two schools I was most interested in. After a tough decision, I’ll be officially starting at the University of Waterloo in the fall (and moved there last weekend to do some research assistant’s work through the summer).

One of the big pluses will be that I’ll be fairly close to Toronto, so I can come back whenever I hear Mike has some beer that needs drinking. My condo has been pretty hands off, but it will also be nice to be within striking distance if I need to do anything there.

My supervisor has a tendency to push students through quickly, so I may be Dr. Cheap as early as 2012 (which, really, is just around the corner).

Many, many thanks to Wooly Woman and Larry MacDonald who let me pick their brains via e-mail (Wooly Woman was good enough to even read over my application!), to everyone who has commented on my related posts and the people I’ve talked to “in real life”.

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1 quietrose

Let be me the first to say, Congratulations Mr. Cheap! You are on a very exciting journey to obtaining your PhD! Hope your move to Waterloo goes well!

2 Hippopottoman

Congratulatons! Welcome to Waterloo. I came hear 10 years ago, intending to stay about 16 months and here I still am. I hope you enjoy your stay. And degree programme.

3 Commander T

Congrats on getting accepted. I am there right now (or more accurately in between semesters) working on a Masters of Accountancy. However I will not even have the chance of meeting up with you as I will be done my stint at the university by August of this year.

4 Four Pillars

Congrats Dr. Cheap!


5 MillionDollarJourney

Dr. Cheap, what will be your focus of study?

6 The Reverend

I’ll echo the welcome to Waterloo. I came about 7 years ago to do my undergrad and am here still (no my undergrad didn’t take me 7 years). 🙂

You’ll learn to love it here. Only things I miss about Toronto are the Sports and Arts/Theatre, but it’s still doable to drive down for a night out.

7 guinness416

Exciting! Congratulations. Hopefully you’ll get to see the q/uantum c/omputing building go up before you finish,

8 fathersez


2012 is just a few months away.


9 squawkfox

Congratulations Mr. Cheap!
I love Waterloo. Perhaps becoming Dr. Cheap will better educate you in the ways of Emacs. 😉

10 Jerry Hung

Congrats and welcome to Waterloo

+1 to the above stuck-in-Waterloo fellows. Been in Loo since 2000, and still in Loo 8 years after

It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst either

We should all go out, a bunch frugal, or cheap, persons 🙂

11 Potato


My supervisor has a tendency to push students through quickly, so I may be Dr. Cheap as early as 2012 (which, really, is just around the corner).

No matter how tough it may get, remember that this is a very good thing. Take it from someone who’s 5 years into grad school and still has another 2 to go…

12 Matt Clements

Congratulations! UW is a great school and KW is a great community to live in.

13 Mr. Cheap

MDJ: Still computer science. I briefly toyed with the idea of moving to another area, but decided to stick with my first love ;-).

Thanks for all the welcome comments Waterloo folks! I’d definitely like to get together with some PF blog people here in KW.

14 ThickenMyWallet

Congrats. Waterloo is an up and coming area. Hope you enjoy your study and stay.

15 DividendMan

Congrats! I’m in the computer science field after graduating from waterloo.

What are you going to specialize in for your PHD?

16 WoolyWoman

Awesome, I am so glad you were able to pick and choose which uni to go to, and that you are starting on your new adventure. Had a friend go to Waterloo for a PhD and enjoyed the program. She was done within 4 years too. Pretty satisfying to push through in that time period if you can. Congratulations, looking forward to updates in the future.

17 Manj

Congrats – that is a big deal, hope you still keep blogging!


Congratulations Cheap! That is a great school. I hope you’ll keep blogging – your posts kill me. 🙂

19 Mr. Cheap

Manj & Preet: I’m a very lazy student, so I definitely plan to keep blogging. Thanks for the encouragement!

20 Khrystyna

Great to hear! Looking forward to hearing occasional interesting bits about university and west-of-TO. (And congrats!)

21 Cash Instinct

Congrats about your PHD. Why didn’t you choose to do it in Personal Finance or Real Estate? ;)!

Kidding, obviously there is no PHD needed for these fields, they are well explained here already.

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