Quicken Home & Business Giveaway

by Mike Holman

The good people at Intuit sent me a copy of Quicken Home & Business as well as Quicken Cash Manager, both of which I’m going to give away.

I gave the Home & Business a test run and was quite impressed.  It’s a really good money management software program.  I didn’t try out the Cash Manager, but I’m sure it’s quite wonderful as well.

The Home & Business retails for $109.99 and the Cash Manager retails for $44.99.  Now that I’ve looked up the prices, I’m starting to have second thoughts about giving them away. 😉

The draw is only open to email subscribers. By signing up, you will receive an email containing all future posts from this site.  You can easily unsubscribe any time.

To enter either:

Please note – If you have never commented on this site before, there will be a delay in posting the comment.

The contest will close Thursday, March 3 at 8:00 pm EST.  Good luck!

Contest open to Canadian residents only.

Your email is private information and will not be used in any way, shape or form except to deliver the new posts to your inbox.

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1 Lucie

I really enjoy reading your blog and all the excellent tips and info you share. Count me in on the this great draw! Cheers!

2 Sustainable PF

I’m signed up via email. Please include me 🙂

3 Rachelle

Me me me I’ve been holding out on buying a software package. Maybe I’ll win one 🙂

4 Tom

Please include me in your drawing. I’m already a subscriber.

5 Paul H

Please enter me for the giveaway!

6 Ian C. Thompson

Count me in for the Quicken software give away.

7 Trevor


8 MH

I use Intuit’s Quickbook product and it’s fantastic for small business accounting. Hope I can win this one to help me with my personal money management!

9 Matt Sheldon

Big fan of your blog, I look forward to your email everyday!

btw good work losing weight 🙂

10 Renate Winklareth

I have been wondering how good they are! Hope I win!

11 platina

Sounds like great software! I appreciate you for giving this away to your readers!

12 Chad Tennant

Did someone say something about a draw.

13 Tim Papez

Really enjoy all of the articles on your Blog….Many thanks. Tim

14 George

I’m still using an old version of Quicken and would love a free upgrade! Count me in!

15 Kim

Love your blog! Please add me to the drawing!

16 Colin Wermuth

If anybody needs this software it’s me, I will taking a significant reduction in income in the next couple of months and will have to learn very quickly how to manage my money on a new budget.

17 Mike

I looked at Quicken a while ago and brought it to the counter to buy and hesitated and didn’t buy it…..hopefully I can win it now!

18 Frank Wiginton

Hi Mike, Can you tell me if the Quicken home and business would work well for a self employed consultant? I am trying to figure out if I need to purchase the Quickbooks pro for $149 or if the Quicken home and business would work just fine. I have three clients and I send out maybe 5 invoices a month. thanks in advance.

19 J Gonzalez

Ooh, ooh, pick me! 😉

20 Marko

I need a copy of Quicken:)

21 Richard Schear

This is definitely something I need. Hopefully I’ll get picked.

22 Bernie Marcotte

I’ve looked high-and-low for a good budgeting tool for home finances. Am curious if Quicken Home can provide look-forward tools?

23 Mike

Wow, I like free. Love your blog too. Thanks.

24 Mike

Love te blog. Love free software too. Does it come in Mac? 🙂

25 Ed Middleton

I’d love to win a copy of Quicken. My sister has raved about it for years but I’ve never really taken a good look at it.

26 Decnet

Great blog and good tips for finanical management~ interested to see what Cash Mgr could do 🙂

27 Angela T

Keeping my fingers crossed… 🙂

28 Rod

I appreciate the info that you send. Please add me to the draw.

29 Rajib

Thanks for doing this. Please enter me in the draw.

30 Sheila

Please include me in your drawing!

31 Big E

Nice prize package!

32 MS Barbour

Like Mike, I wonder if it works on a Mac. I’d love it if it clean up my desk for me! organization is NOT my strong point. Count me in for the draw. Thanks for all your interesting comments and generous links to other blogs.

33 Anne-Marie T

I am a subscriber. Please count me in !

34 Kim D

I’m in!

35 chantl01

I’d love to try this software. Pick me please!

36 Ian C

Mike, thanks for an informative site and your generosity re: this draw. Pls throw my name into the hat. Cheers!

37 Justin M.


38 MG

Nice blog; nice prize. I hope it has my name on it!

39 Wayne

I have used Quicken for years, it is time to upgrade to a newer version
Maybe I will get lucky!


Hook me up! I’m in it to win it! I’ll have my people talk to you people!

Seriously, I’d love to win a free copy of Quickbooks!

Best regards!


41 Pete

Already a subscriber but just retired so the Cash Manager would be great to win!

42 Steve

Hey, I’d like to win the software!

43 yvon brunet

I realy like what I read

44 Debby Voskamp

I’m signed up on email and would like to participate in the give-away draw.
I enjoy your columns and excellent advice!

45 shazmataz

Please include me in the draw…thanks : )

46 Susie

Need to get organized.

47 Bhaskar Naik

I’m in for the freebie..

48 Danny Beaman

Thanks for these emails. Lots of info to digest.

I hope I get drawn for the Quicken Home & Business software.


49 Colleen

I could really use either one of these. Please enter me in the draw.

50 john

enjoy your column. Please enter me into the Quicken draw!

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