Return To Questrade Deal, Blog Highlight and Last Linkstuff

by Mike Holman

A quick reminder that the Four Pillars “Return to Questrade” deal is almost over. Check out my original post for details – if you went to RBC last year for the 1% deal and want to return for the $5 trades then this is the time.
My wife and I have completed moving our accounts back to Questrade and I have to say it is nice to have $5 trades again (not that the $10 trades at RBC were that bad) and the best part is that I can move money in and out of my Questrade accounts from my CIBC chequing account which I couldn’t do at RBC Direct.

I think this is going to be the last linkpost for a while (maybe forever). They are fairly time consuming and I’m not sure that they add much value for anyone.

The rest of the links

Thicken My Wallet questions – do you own too much house? Along with the Money Gardener, he tries to figure out how much house is too much.

Canadian Capitalist asks if fixed-income investors have the same problems as equity investors when it comes to sticking to their investment plan?

ABCs of Investing wrote about tax-free municipal bonds.


1031 Exchange

Carnival of 20 Something Finances

Carnival of Road to Financial Independence

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1 Million Dollar Journey

Thanks for featuring Kathryn! Enjoy the weekend!

2 Cords

My hesitation in moving to Questrade is they continue to not support MAC’s and from discussions I’ve had with them, are not planning to develop for that platform.

3 Thicken My Wallet

Thanks for the link. Have a great weekend.

4 Kathryn

Wow! You made my day. Thanks for the shout out.

5 Four Pillars

Cords – I think the problem is that Macs are not as popular as PCs. I guess Questrade won’t make enough money off of Mac users to make it worthwhile.

Kathryn – I’m glad you read this. Thanks for all the great articles.

6 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for the mention! Cheers!

7 MoneyEnergy

Thanks for the mention. You should check out some of the vociferous complaints I’ve had on one of my posts about Questtrade. I don’t use them myself though, I’ve stuck with the big 5 for now.

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