Sat Weigh In and Links

by Mike Holman

Today’s weight was 181 pounds! Yes, this means I met my goal of 182 pounds which I set back on October 30. This whole effort resulted from Brip Blap’s Public Declaration post in which he challenges people to publicly set a goal and then try to meet it. I have to say that posting about the weight every week was one of the better motivators I had for this project and resulted in losing the weight in only nine weeks which is much less than the four to six months I was expecting.

Well now that I’ve gotten down to 181, my next two goals are:

  1. Keep the weight off. If nothing else by the end of the year I don’t want to be heavier than 181 pounds.
  2. Get down to 175 pounds. I know from my college days that my perfect weight was around 165 pounds but I don’t think that’s a realistic weight to shoot for since it would be too hard to maintain. Wish me luck!

Some interesting reads from this week:

This post from My Dollar Plan blew my mind – it’s about a person who has 181 financial accounts which includes 89 credit cards. Another interesting statistic that she wrote about is that the credit limit on all the cards is just over a million dollars.

Fecundity wrote a humorous list of things to do, and not to do in the presence of a pregnant woman.

Check out the second edition of the Carnival of Financial Goals hosted by I was an editor’s choice for my post on Shooting Down Goals.

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1 Eden

Congrats! You are making great progress with your weight.

2 remodelingthislife

Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal!


Weigh to go!


4 Four Pillars

Thanks everyone.

WDAMMG – that’s bad!! (but funny).


5 My Dollar Plan

Congrats! And to do it faster than planned, great job. Thanks for the mention…. glad it blew your mind – I like to live a little crazy:)

6 fathersez

I suppose the losing weight thing is the one time I can say, “the less of you the better.”

Good luck on your journey.

Incidentally, the lady with the 181 accounts is out having a duel with another lady who insists that credit cards should have been banned by the UN (or along those lines).

You can check them out at :

7 moneygardener

Hey Mike, good job on meeting your weight goal. You have inspired me to start jogging again with my yellow lab.


8 Four Pillars

MDP – your blog is a very interesting read!

FatherSez – thanks for the link.

MG – one of the reasons I was surprised to lose the weight in the time I did was because I haven’t really been exercising that much. It was pretty much 100% diet.


9 Brip Blap

Excellent job, Mike – that’s tremendous, and you deserve all the congratulations on reaching your goal! That’s a nice way to start the new year!

10 Four Pillars

Thanks BB – you were a part of it by inspiring me to go public with the goal.


11 SavingDiva

Congrats on the weight loss! Good luck with reaching 175!

12 Four Pillars

Thanks SD!


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