Saturday weigh-in and linkstuff – April Fool’s Edition

by Mike Holman

First up – I missed the weekly weigh-in last Saturday because we were in the hospital with the newborn. This morning I weighed 182.5 pounds which is up a bit.

My diet hasn’t been great this week and I blame the fact that my mom is staying with us and feeding me all kinds of yummy crap!!

Guest post and an interview.

I was interviewed this week over at My Two Dollars – check it out!
I also did a guest post at the Canadian Capitalist recently where I talked about the benefits of getting an employer match in your group rrsp.

April Fool’s Day

We did an April Fool’s day post this week which was quite enjoyable. Mr. Cheap created most of the post, but both myself and Mrs. Pillars helped out which is unusual for this blog since we generally write our posts independently. I was surprised that more bloggers didn’t do these kind of posts but I’ve managed to locate a few and listed them here.


Carnival of Personal Finance was held at Stock Trading To Go.

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1 The Financial Blogger

Thx for the mention !

and don’t worry about your weight, the more your spouse will lose pounds, the more you are going to gain. This is called the “after birth syndrome”.

2 Four Pillars

This is called the after birth syndrome.

Haha – I was joking about this very thing this morning with my wife.


3 David

You needed to throw in more hockey pucks…

4 Nivek

Thanks for the mention. I might be willing to sell MoneyClipped for a few dollars Canadian and some hockey pucks!

5 My Dollar Plan

I think you gain a few pounds right after the birth from all the water…. oh wait, thats for your wife! So you mean the super Canadian blog isn’t a go?

6 Four Pillars

David – those pucks are worth a lot of money you know!

Nivek – you’re welcome.

MDP – The super Canuck blog is not a go!

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