Saturday Weigh-In and LinkStuff

by Mike Holman

Weight – 185 pounds so no change from last week. I can’t say I’m too disappointed since the weight loss has been quicker than I expected up to last week so having a flat week is ok. I kept going with the diet and even went jogging once which helped make up for the fact that I’ve basically put the bike away for the season.

This is a pretty interesting article on Canadian bank stock valuations – if you look at the second half they talk about the “tactics” of hedge funds spreading rumours about the banks and then shorting them.

This week we had posts in the Carnival of Personal Finance which was hosted by Stock Trading to Go and the Carnival of Financial Planning hosted by The Skilled Investor’s Personal Finance Blog.

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1 Cross the River

I’ll glady be the first to post a comment here.

Hang in there brother. After our child was born, my wife and I started weighing ourselves every saturday morning as it seems I had too much compasion durng pregnancy.

I’ve dropped a few pounds but seem to have reached a plateau. Meanwhile, with help from nursing, she’s going down a pound a week without trying. ARGH!!!

So I’ll take confort and motivation in the fact that others do the same on saturday.

Good luck

2 FourPillars

Thanks CR – the nursing sure helps my wife with the weight.


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