Simple and Frugal Decorative Easter Eggs

by Mike Holman

With two little people around the house, Easter is a time of fun.  Here is one of the ways we enjoyed ourselves.  We made edible art out of eggs and some onion skins we had collected the last couple of weeks.

  1. Collect onion skins.onionskin12
  2. Wrap the eggs in onion skin.  For varied patterns, add smaller bits of onion skin close to the egg and wrap the whole egg in larger pieces.onionskin21
  3. Fasten the skins to the egg.  I used elastic bands, but have heard of people using string or wrapping the lot in cheesecloth.onionskin31
  4. Put the eggs in a pot with about 1 inch of water.onionskin41
  5. Hard-boil the eggs.onionskin51
  6. Unwrap and inspect them.onionskin61
  7. Enjoy your one of a kind artwork.onionskin71

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1 Mr. Cheap

Happy Easter Mike. Looks like you’re having some fun at the Four Pillars household!

2 Emily

Hey Mike, Happy Easter! What a cool idea! They look nifty 🙂 I love the cat checking them out.

3 ObliviousInvestor

lol at the cat. 🙂 Do cats like eggs?

4 Four Pillars

We did – an Easter egg hunt for my son – he really enjoyed that.

The cat was just being curious…I think cats will eat raw eggs but not cooked.

5 Mrs Pillars

With cats you never know. I once had a cat who liked to eat popcorn with me.

6 Peg

wow – very cool! Glad to see to Mrs. Pillars on the quill again!

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