Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

by Mike Holman

When will the $250 Social Security stimulus check be mailed?

This is not known at this time but if the bill passes Congress then it is expected that the checks will be mailed sometime in the first quarter of 2010.

Will Social Security Payments Be Paid If United States Defaults On Debt?

Will there be a stimulus check in 2010

Yes, there will be a $250 stimulus check for social security recipients as well as a $250 stimulus check for SSI recipients as well.

How much is the 2010 Social Security raise?

Unfortunately because inflation was so low in 2009 there is no cost of living increase or “raise” in the Social Security payments for 2010.  This has however given rise to the $250 Social Security stimulus check which will be payable in 2010.

Will seniors get the $250 stimulus check?

You have to be receiving Social Security, SSI and a few other select criteria in order to receive the check.

What should I do with my $250 check?

There are many options for this money.  Admittedly it’s not a huge pile of cash but every little bit counts!

  • Reduce debt – If you have any outstanding credit card debt or personal debts then $250 would probably help to pay it down.
  • Buy something – Need some new clothes or want to buy an consumer item?  If your finances allow this then the $250 can be used for that.
  • Donate it – If you don’t need the money then give it to someone who really needs it.  A charity, relative or friend would probably really appreciated the cash.

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Will the $250 stimulus check for 2010 be enough money?

Will there be a stimulus check in 2010?]

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for SSI Recipients?

2011 Social Security No Cost of living adjustment

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