Will There Be A Stimulus Check In 2020?

by Mike Holman

One of the more common questions I get at this site is “Will there be a stimulus check in 2020?”.

The answer unfortunately, is almost definitely no.

[Edit – Mar 21 – 2020.  Looks like unfortunately the answer is almost definitely yes!  I say ‘unfortunately’ because this is only happening because of the Corona virus which isn’t a good thing.  Read more about the CoronaVirus stimulus check]

Why do people keep asking this question?  Well, back in 2008, the US government did give out $600 stimulus checks to most Americans.  Needless to say this money was very well received and I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind seeing more of those checks.

Who doesn’t like free money?

History of the stimulus check

In 2008, a $600 stimulus check was paid out to most taxpayers in an effort to boost the economy by getting more cash into the hands of people likely to spend it.

In 2009, a $250 stimulus check was sent to all recipients of Social Security (retired people) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for disabled people.

Will there be another stimulus check this year?

The factors which might produce another stimulus check could include:

A bad economy – While the current economy isn’t great, it’s better than it has been in the past.  Even housing prices seem to have bottomed out.  Unless there is a major slowdown in the economy, this will not provide much motivation for another check.

Election year – My theory is that politicians will try to buy votes when given the opportunity.  Given that 2019 is not an election year, this shouldn’t be an issue.

What is a stimulus check?

A stimulus check is a check mailed out to a significant number of Americans in order to give government tax money to those most likely to spend it and help stimulate the economy.


There will be no stimulus check in 2020.  I know that might be disappointing, but the reality is that is just isn’t going to happen.

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2013 for SSI recipients?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check for Social Security recipients in 2013?




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1 pam dewitt

i Got an email from some sight earlier today sayin stimulis checks will be sent out on 5 /19 .. Hurry and sign up to see if you qualify. -Thats why i asked google and it led me to your sight – cant remember the name of the sight i erased it lol

2 kayla

Well turns out you were wrong because i did in fact receive a stimulous check in august 2013 as well as my husband for $800 and some change each.. hope to see it this year

3 Derra Tarver

To Whom It May Concern I Want To Know Wood I Get A Stimulus Check Come TO ME .OK PLease EMAil Me to Let Me Know And Wen Will IT Come In THE MAIL Please Send Me Some Information On IT OK Thank You Very Much.

4 Reneeb66

Why do the stumulesses come only on ok

5 Bonnie

I know of people who didnt get the stimulus check when they were given out can they still get theres or not. Would just like to know. Thanks. Bonnie

6 Juanita Warren

Will we get a stimulus check for 2017. If not why?

7 Bonnie

will there a stimulate check for 2017?

8 Bettie Brown

How or where do I sign up for stimulas check? I I live in Terrell, Tx. I think I qualify.

9 Judy

Please post the information we need to check & see if we have past stimulus checks that weren’t received. Who do we contact?

10 Yolanda Russell

I’d didn’t receive my stimulus check for2013 and16 or 17 so will i get my check sent out so I’m been very honest with you all.this is my name

11 Angela Dicks

I would like to know if l’m eligible for a 2019 stimulus check. And how do I go about getting it. Thank You

12 Mary Henderson

How can I find out about the stimulate check. And am I supposed to get one

13 Nita Johnson

Please inform me of any updated Stimulus Check.

14 Yolanda Russell

I don’t recive my stimulus check for 2013 or 2016

15 Jeff Dean

Are we getting a stimulas check in 2019

16 Nancy Brotzel

Do I have a stimulus check waiting for me?

17 willie Talmadge

i could use the money. things are getting bad about around my house. i could use some money help about now.

18 Terri Jacobs

Need to know if i missed any stimulus checks. Terri j. Jacobs.

19 Joseph LEE

I don’t remember getting a stimulus check in May of 2019

20 cleo threats

Do you know when will we receive a stimulus check again

21 Kelly clark

How can I check if I have a stimulas check that I didn’t recieve

22 Wendy Spurling

Yes you can. Google it. You can do an amendment. If they are right I guess. But it seemed like a reputable site.

23 Charles Alston

Did I qualify for a stimulus check in 2017

24 LEE

Yes please if there is any money being sent out please keep me informed lol. I’M the greedy just the needy ok and thanks to whomever may reply to this post……

25 Valerie Shepard

Will Foster Care Parents recieve a stimulus check. Due to State of Emergency

26 Bryan Eaves

We all need a stimulus check sent in the mail soon to every American citizen 1000 for adults 500 for children this corona virus of 2020 is hurting everyone working or unemployed!!!!


Somebody got somethin wrong because WE ARE GETTING A STIMULUS CHECK IN 2020!! IN 2 WEEKS.


How do I apply for a check?

29 alex

you might be wrong…. thanks to Corona

30 Cassidy Thomas

I guess this article was wrong

31 Shannon Hamilton

This article didn’t age well.

32 Ruth V Schwan

well your wrong, there will be stimulous checks within a few weeks in 2020….trump said it in a briefing…also money for big business and small businesses…..your guesstimite was dead wrong apparantly…fix that.

33 Beth westfall

Yes we should get a check we Deserve it the people who pay taxes the people who are on disability the elderly families that are not working

34 john

Missed this one pretty bad didn’t you lol

35 mickey s smith

I have been on ssi since 2002. I have never received a stemulis check.

36 will

Well this guy is totally wrong we are going to get 2 stimulus checks for 2020 just shows you cant believe anything this guy says.

37 the waterfox

well well well its 2020 and checks are being sent

38 Liana Youtsey

How can I apply or did I receive this check I have a payee for ssi check did I receive these check

39 Manuel esquivel

Do you have to pay back on stimulis ckecks received.

40 Michael

Well, well, well. How the turntables…

41 Herbert Cox

April fool. For 20/20 stimulus check

42 Ant

Jeebus – you folks need that money to go back to school and learn to spell and use proper English. You all read like 3rd graders.

43 Pamela E Motl

My husband is retired and and I am disabled will we be getting checks from government.

44 Wanda Freeman

If the 2020 stimulus check come out who will get it? Will people on Social Security get want one?

45 Gearldine Sheridan

What do you half to do to get a stimulus I have been o ssi for the past 30 years and I have never got a stimulus check..

46 Violet Logadon

Is the one on social security and ask getting a check from the Government that they are taking about

47 Mary Wright

being that I can not work because of my husbands illness am I ellable for the stimulus check .Do I have to sign up for it

48 Wendy

Just to let you know the only people that will get the CD 2020 stimulus money will be people that’s been laid off 4 weeks regular pay or if you are low income the Senate minority leader in the Senate

49 Frizz

People on social security are almost always entitled to Most stimulus checks they just are not aware that they have to goto the irs website and claim eligibility for them.

50 Bonnie

Are people that are 65 and older going to get any type of Stimulus from the Government? I think we deserve to get something…we can’t survive without all this going on.

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