The Lazy Investor Giveaway

by Mike Holman

We’ve decided to hold our first ever book give away here on Quest For Four Pillars and will be giving away Derek Foster’s latest book “The Lazy Investor” which we had originally won from Canadian Dream.

This will be a well travelled book by the time this contest is done so feel free to put your name in by leaving a comment – any comment will do. Make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you if you end up winning. A note for the American readers, this book is strongly geared towards Canadian investors so I would suggest you wait until our next giveaway in January.

Free Shipping at chapters.indigo.caCheck out this review of “The Lazy Investor” which Mr. Cheap wrote a while back. As well here is a pretty good review of the Derek Foster’s first book “Stop Working”.

We don’t want to drag this out so the contest will close this Friday night at 8 pm. Results will be announced on Saturday.

This book will make a great Christmas gift so don’t be shy!

Free Shipping at

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1 The Financial Blogger

Hey FP!
That’s pretty cool !
I might do the same thing once I am done with An American Hedge Fund 😀


2 Canadian Dream


Excellent idea on how to keep the book going around. By the way, I never did get around to replacing that book for my own library since it is on my wish list for Christmas. So I guess I’m enter to see if I can’t get the book back.

Gee, I’m almost sounding as cheap as Mr. Cheap.


3 Kevin

I thought Mr. Foster’s first book had some pretty good insights, so I’d be very interested to read this follow-up.

Thanks for your excellent blog. Keep up the good work!


4 MM

I’d be interested in what he has to say. I know he was very vocal on the moneysense forum.

Sign me up!

5 guinness416

I think you should all leave a note in the back of the book and pass it ’round everyone on your blogroll – it could be a “greatest hits” of Canuck money blogs. A real collectors’ item. I’d actually love to win this one, because it sure has a LONG waiting list at the library!

6 Sods

I would like to enter. I always wonder what all the commotion in the CB Forums are about.


7 The Dividend Guy

I am on a big waiting list for this book at the library – it would be cool to win it! Thank.

The Dividend Guy

8 the Wealthy Canadian

Who needs the library when we can pass books around to interested folks in the blogosphere!

9 Traciatim

Count me in on this contest. I’d love to read both of Foster’s books.

10 telly

I like the passing around books atmosphere. Pick me and I will return a book. Anyone interested in “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret?” 😉

11 Aaron W

I’ve heard so much about this book; it would be great to win it!!!


12 Nobleea

Sounds great, sign me up!

13 Jesus

Count me in. I am very interested to read Mr. Foster’s ideas

14 JudyM

Love your website. Love your articles about buying a condo in Toronto which is my hometown.

Keep up the great articles.


15 FourPillars

Guinness – I with that I had known you might be interested in the book – I could have loaned it to you before the contest. As it is I hope you win so I don’t have to pay the postage 🙂

Telly – hilarious comment.

16 guinness416

Yep we could exchange the prize at the loose potato section of Loblaws on Gerrard!

(I hope Tim’s number gets drawn, that would be kinda hilarious).

17 Warren

I liked his first book, and wouldn’t mind reading the next one. Good idea on the giveaway.

18 Al

I’ve read Derek’s first book and I’ve heard good reviews from those who have read it.

19 Aaron Stroud

I’m new a new reader, but I’d still appreciate a chance to win the book. I live just south of the border, but I am interested in the government hurdles and regulations related to investing. So I think the book would still be fascinating.

20 Chris

It looks like a very interesting book. It will be interesting to read a book instead of tons of blogs. Sign me up for the draw 🙂

21 Joel

pick me I’m lazy 🙂

22 Middle Class Millionaire

I read his first book and would like to see what he has to say in his second. MCM

23 Adeem Zafar

Excellent! A free prize (which contains many words of wisdom!) Cannot get any better than that.

24 Four Pillars

Harold entered the contest via email.

25 Fernando

Thanks for the site and the contest! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

26 mariam

Oooh. I’m in!

I’ve got the lazy down pat – now I’m working on the investor part.

27 WoolyWoman

I’d love it! I have wanted to read Derek Foster for awhile (and library didn’t have last time I checked).

28 mark

I’m in.

29 RichardM

Woo hoo!

30 Lambchop

Great blog.

31 onarock

this is a great idea. i have many financial books that i should give away to great people who give their opinions and help so freely.

keep on blogging


32 TKO from Ontario

What do I want?

Free stuff.

When do I want it?


Seasons Greetings and a Prosperous New Year.

33 Need all the help I can get

The name says it all

Keep blogging

34 Chris H

Great blog guys.

35 Shevy

A free book would be great! I wonder why Tim gave it away in the first place if he wants it back though…

It would be funny if he won it!

36 Chin

Hey.. This will be great Christmas present to me.

Thanks in advance…Haha..Over reaction(?)

Anyway, I am in…

37 Cam

Sign me up

38 Potato

Sounds like it would be just as much fun to take part in passing the book around as it would be for the content!

39 Mike

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope I win ^_^.

40 Mary

Pls include me in the draw. Thanks.

41 moneygardener

Count me in guys…

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