Thursday Linkstuff

by Mike Holman

A very short link post this week because I am out of town and away from the internet this week!

Canadian Capitalist wrote about RBC Direct’s new offer – a bonus of 1% of your assets if you transfer from another brokerage.   Like Kenny said – “It’s gold Jerry, gold!”.  I’m jumping all over this giveaway – will be doing a post on the process involved.

Blunt Money says she is behind in her retirement contributions but I think she isn’t doing to badly because she is going in the right direction.

Clever Dude laments the end of a dream – he sold his bass guitar.  I guess the rock star career isn’t going to happen.. 🙂

Squawkfox came up with 50 ways to leave her lov… ooops, wrong title – 50 ways to save $1000.  I think it would be quite a feat to accomplish all 50 in one year!

Money Ning has more thoughts on whether he should buy an investment property or some dividend stocks.

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