Top Referrers and Some Good Reading

by Mike Holman

Time to list our top referrers for the month of March – these blogs provide a lot of traffic for us so we really appreciate the fact that they like us (or pretend to).

Canadian Capitalist
Million Dollar Journey
The Money Gardener
Paid Twice
Canadian Dream
The Dividend Guy
Being Frugal
Blueprint for Prosperity
Canadian Mortgage Trends
The Wisdom Journal

Some posts I enjoyed recently

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1 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

Hey Guys, thanks for the mention!
(especially those words in bold!)

A sincere thank you. 🙂

2 MillionDollarJourney

Glad to send traffic to a quality blog like yours. Thanks for the mention!

3 The Dividend Guy

Thanks for the mention and glad I could help – I really do enjoy your blog and if there is good content then it is easy to consistently refer people to it!

Keep it up.

4 guinness416

Oh man, Mike, I cracked up when I saw your comment about how hawt the husband is in the remodelling post.

Some good links there, you do a lot of reading.

5 Four Pillars

Thanks everyone.

Guinness – it had to be said, although I wish it had been someone else who said it! 🙂


6 Emily

Hey Mike, thanks for the mention! And hubby is flattered that your wife would think he looks good. I should say that photo is from last year and he’s a teeny bit chubbier now 🙂 Too much beer ha ha.

7 Canadian Capitalist

Thanks for the mention. Cheers!

8 moneygardener

thanks for the link, and for the record I actually do like you guys!

9 CiaranFrom Chance

thanks for the link Mike, much appreciated.

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