2011 Stocking Picking Contest – Q3 Update

by Mike Holman

Here are the results of the 2011 stock picking contest after three quarters.  No time for discussion, I just got in the door from Chicago and I’m then on my way out the door to go play hockey.  Ta ta!

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 DividendGrowthInvestor 3.39%
2 IntelligentSpeculator 3.19%
3 MillionDollarJourney -5.98%
4 MoneySmartBlog -13.14%
5 WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo -18.12%
6 TheFinancialBlogger -20.31%
7 MyTradersJournal -35.82%
8 TheWildInvestor -37.26%
9 BeatingTheIndex -45.07%

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