Top Stock Picks for 2011 Contest

by Mike Holman

Ok, I’m doing the big stock picking contest again.  In 2010, I finished dead last with a -35% return, so hopefully this year will be a bit better.

I want to do the same bet as I did last year – bet against gold.  I’m so certain that gold will finally crash this year, I’m not even going to pick four different stocks – this year I’m just going to short the gold ETF CGL.

What is CGL you ask?  It is the Claymore Gold Bullion ETF which trades on the TSX.  What does it invest in?  Gold – literally.  The ETF currently own 14 pounds of the stuff, so it really is a direct play on gold.  By shorting it, I will be sending a message to all those crazy gold bugs, that their fun and games are about to end.

Here are the other bloggers participating in the competition in 2011. Welcome to Mich from who is a new contestant this year.

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 The Wild Investor 0.00
2 Where Does All My Money Go 0.00
3 Dividend Growth Investor 0.00
4 Beating The Index 0.00
5 My Traders Journal 0.00
6 Million Dollar Journey 0.00
7 Intelligent Speculator 0.00
8 The Financial Blogger 0.00
9 Money Smarts 0.00

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1 Steve Zussino

Can I enter the contest this year?

Based on my personal returns I would have placed in top 5 last year.

Here are my top picks for 2011 (personally owned) –

2 Peter W. Dunn

Good luck on the contest. Fourteen lbs of gold. Really. Where did you get that number, from their website? If they have so much gold, well I’d short it too.

If you are sure that gold is going down, why did you choose Claymore Gold Bullion ETF and not Sprott Physical Gold Trust? Just curious.

3 Financial Uproar

Here are my 4 picks:

Nokia (NOK)
Duoyuan Printing (DYP)
Paragon Shipping (PRGN)
New Frontier Media (NOOF)

I blogged about them here.

Also, if any other bloggers want, I track their results compared to mine. We’ll have our own stock picking contest! Screw you guys! 😉

4 cynical investor

It would be nice to invest real money, put money where one’s mouth is :).

A minimum of $1,000 and have the contest open to everyone – like facebook that in the end allowed everyone to join 🙂 (now that everyone talks about it with the Goldman investment).

The winner will get a mug and bragging rights, the last 3 ones lots of books about investing (I am sure there will be sponsors for such a contest).

5 Financial Cents

I like the gold play Mike. Good luck this year!

I’m horrible at predictions but I’ll be curious how the contest shakes down. Keep us posted with regular updates. Mich might be tough to beat, he loves the O&G sector.

Mark from My Own Advisor

6 Sunny

You should had picked silver instead! I pick the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PHS.U) and I am going to win this contest (even while not being in it). It’s not always big bloggers how have it all. Your previous post about your 2010 portfolio performance show that.

7 Peter W. Dunn

Sunny: Are you long or short Sprott Physical Silver Trust? Why? I just picked up some of that a week ago. Cheers.

8 Andrew Hallam

Hey Mike,

It looks like a great contest. And at some point, you’re probably going to be right about gold. It’s knowing “when” that’s the tough part.

OK–throw my picks into the draw!

GE (General Electric)
USG (United States Gypsum)
PFE (Pfizer)
AIG (The lottery ticket)


9 Don McCabe

Mike, you really ought to change the name of your blog. As it stands it is very misleading.

10 Mike Holman

@Don – Do you have any suggestions? Money Genius Blog is already taken.

11 Don McCabe

LOL! That’s precious! (-:

12 Mike Holman

@Andrew – My plan is to keep shorting gold until I’m right. Then I will call myself a “guru” and write a book about how to profit from shorting gold. 😉

13 Moloko

Love It! :
“@Andrew – My plan is to keep shorting gold until I’m right. Then I will call myself a “guru” and write a book about how to profit from shorting gold.” 🙂

My 4:
Uranium One
Atlantic Power
Bank of America
Bank of Ireland

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