Top Stock Picks for 2009 Competition Q1 Update

by Mike Holman

I entered into a stock picking contest with some other bloggers – who shall rue the day they decided to do battle with Four Pillars!  🙂

Traditionally, the only way to do well with stock picking contests is to swing for the fences and hope for the best.  With that in mind I picked 4 small Canadian oil stocks which have been beaten down quite a bit.  If oil rebounds next year then these stocks should perform quite well.  There are probably better plays on the price of oil but this is the best I could do on 3 minutes of research.  Keep in mind these are pretty much random selections – do not consider this a recommendation or any kind of advice! – Bronco Energy $1.27.  I started watching this stock a few months ago when it was trading at $10 (it’s now less than $1.50).  My Dad saw some analyst recommending it on BNN – great call – down 85%! – Holly Corp  $3.65 – TriStar Oil and Gas  $11.41 – Connacher Oil Gas  $0.74

How am I doing?

Not bad…not bad at all!  My picks are down 2.67% which is good for 3rd place (so far).

Here are all the competitors and their results:

  • IntelligentSpeculator     4.33%
  • TheFinancialBlogger     -0.94%
  • FourPillars     -2.67%
  • Million Dollar Journey     -2.96%
  • DividendGrowth     -8.27%
  • WildInvestor     -8.90%
  • Wheredoesallmymoneygo     -21.77%
  • ZachStocks     -24.19%
  • MyTradersJournal     -27.54%

The other competitors (click to see their picks)

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1 Dividend Growth Investor

Thanks a lot for the link. I just updated my 1Q results ina blog spot. Good luck in the second quarter as well.

Dividend Growth Investor

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