Will There Be A Second Stimulus Check In 2009?

by Mike Holman

The question all Americans want to know is whether they will receive a late Christmas present this year in the form of a 2nd economic stimulus check.

In 2008 the government sent out economic stimulus checks to 130 million Americans with the idea that this money would be spent on consumer goods and services thereby stimulating the economy. While the program was considered a success by some – it didn’t prevent the economy from slowing down into a recession with the possibility of a depression.

President-elect Obama has proposed an economic stimulus package for 2009 which will total almost 1 trillion dollars – or about $3300 for every single American.

Second economic stimulus check

So far there has been no mention of any stimulus checks (like in 2008) however that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Nothing has been approved or finalized so it is still possible. If a second economic stimulus check is going to happen in 2009 it would be more likely to appear later in the year if it looks like the initial stimulus efforts are not doing enough to get the economy going.

Stimulus tax cuts

Obama has proposed stimulus tax cuts of $1,000 for couples and $500 for individuals. If this passes, it might be the closest thing to an actual stimulus check that most Americans will receive in 2009. This kind of stimulus is not as much fun as getting a large check all at once since it would take the form of reduced withholding taxes on regular paychecks. However, in the end – extra money is extra money.

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Emergency Energy rebate

One of the more controversial initiatives is an energy relief plan to help Americans pay their energy bills this winter. The $1,000 emergency energy rebate would be given directly to Americans and would be paid for by windfall profit taxes on the large oil companies.
This particular initiative might not have much of a chance given that with the rapidly dropping price of oil, home heating costs are going to be a lot lower than initially predicted as recently as a couple of months ago.

Infrastructure stimulus spending

The Obama stimulus plan is calling for a huge investment in roads and bridges and mass transit improvements. This will total $850 billion over 2 years. This portion of the plan is the main driver behind the goal to create 2.5 million jobs over 2 years.

$250 stimulus check for select groups

There will be a $250 stimulus check for select groups.

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1 Danielle

Your correct we have a hand in electing the officials however not totally we don’t pick the senate do we you know the groups of people right now that r deciding wether or not to pass bills stimulus package etc yes we voted for some but its not the public that gives them there “chairs ” is it i’m being serious because i was led to believe that they voted there positions amongst themselves…..


very true 90% of the jobs require an education BUT there is still several federal jobs that dont require one. and most people today have one thats why i posted it

3 bob

Again I ask, If the Govornment can afford to give a rebate, why did they take it in the first place? Unless it’s not your money they took. Then of course they would be giving you somebody elses money. Sounds like the redistribution of wealth. Is that not the premise to Democratic Socialism? The very nations we fought to free ourselves from, we are becoming a reflection of.

4 Tosha Ann

I feel we deserve the stimulus check again. I feel as long as you tried to provide for your family, you deserve it. It helped me and my family out last year. We got caught up on our bills and it helped tremendously. I work for the state right now and we are still just getting by because we’re paying debt. The 2nd stimulus check would help us get ahead and maybe be able to build our credit back up.

5 Vickie

You could start with your local unemployment office, they have lists of state and federal jobs. I listed the webpage below.


It isn’t as easy as one would think. Its not quick either. My husband applied for the post office and with all the paperwork, red tape, etc… it was a total of 6 months before he heard anything about an interview. He went through 3 of those just to find out he didn’t get it. County and city jobs could be an option too. Some of the jobs don’t require a college degree, some do. Just depends on what your qualified to do. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

6 Amanda

Now, I am just annoyed I sat here reading all of these responses and as the time went on I just got more and more hot about the subject. I too am having a hard time. I currently have a full time job (lucky me I got into a good company). I also have 2 part time jobs (1 tutoring and 1 babysitting). Do you honestly think that at my age I want to babysit? The answer is NO! But recently my husband also lost his job. He has been trying like crazy. This includes but not limited to fast food, restaurants, cashiering, and basically anything that is above that. Yet still nothing. Several times he has heard “you are too experienced for this position” in this economy I would like to know what the hell this means. Seriously. It has been 13 months since he lost his job. We are trying our hardest. I even moved in with my parents and after 15 years of being out of their house I never thought I would be back. Staying at my parents house doesn’t mean living for free my parents retired and are also living on a fixed income thus we pay $600.00 a month (the difference in all of the bills) and I still have insurance and gas to worry about. Not to mention I help my parents out since their checks do not cover everything.

The main thing I see here is people are either complaining about the situation they are currently in or complaining about the economy. What I can’t believe, you are all on the internet. Of all of your bills that you CAN’T pay you are still paying your internet bill. Now I understand some of you might be in the same boat as me and are able to surf the internet at your jobs but not all of you! To those of you who are on here and are NOT at work, don’t complain about the horrible rut you are in shut off your computer call your provider (most likely with the cell phone you just HAVE to have) and ask them to shut it off! Seriously people. Think “money smart” in these horrible times. I currenly live off of 3 channels, no internet, I have a go phone (mostly because I live in Minnesota and roads do get bad) I have had the same 25 minutes on my cell phone for the last 3 months. I was planning a nice dinner for our 15th anniversary last month but due to money problems that has been cancelled. I need new glasses but I haven’t gotten any. At this point I am scraping to the bone. The $80 a week for babysitting $70 a week for tutoring a very annoying 16 year old boy and my $9.50 an hour full time job isn’t exactly enough money. To cover doctors visits.

I think it would be great if we had another stimulus check. But what you all are not thinking of is the reason for the check is to stimulate the economy not pay for bills. Although I must say, if I do get a check this year, I to will spend it on some of the bills that are getting behind. For exaple my emergency credit card has now been maxed out since my 1992 dodge spirit (don’t know it, yeah I didn’t think so) broke down last week. We bought a cheap car and turned in the nice 2006 car that we had but we were not able to keep up the car payments. Congratulations to all of those who are not having hard times I praise you and only have one question for you. Is your job currently hiring? For those of you who do not have a job or who do have a job and are stretching every last penny you may or may not have. I praise you as well. Don’t lose your cool and keep things together. Life is hard and sucks at times but hold in there. I won’t say things will get better (mostly because I am not a psychic and am not able to tell you the future) but I will say this. If you don’t hang in there and let your pride and guard down you will regret it. My words have been spoken as well as my anger all I can say is I hope to god Obama will be a great president and help turn this economy back around, and headed in the right direction.

7 Brooke


I was disagreeing with the person who was saying that there were so many government jobs out there. He did correct the statement but still said that
there were jobs available. I only slightly agree with that and since I worked for them for 35 years I kind of know what I am talking about.
If you were in the Military you get your time served added on to the years that you will work for the government. A college education is 95%
mandatory. I took an early out when I left and that means I was able to
retire at the age of 52. I would have received higher benefits if I stayed
till I was 55 but I just no longer wanted to . My salary at quitting time was
$19.00 an hour . Some might think that sounds great others might think
that it is not. The pressure they put on there employees is overwhelming.
If you feel that you can be a human robot than by all means apply.
Color has nothing to do with who gets hired , at least that is my opinion.
My advice if you or anyone want to work for the government is to go to
the unenmployment office and ask them for whatever information you
think you might need.
Good Luck

8 T-Bone

STIMULUS checks in theory were not meant to pay off people’s debts, they were meant for people to go out and spend, and to do what…STIMULATE the economy. The thing is many people either saved or payed off debt, which did little for the economy (and most likely your debt as well…$600 isn’t all that much if one is deep in debt). There was the hopes that Americans would do what we do best and spend, spend, spend, however, fearing the failing economy, many of us wised up (even if it was too late) and started budgeting, so the stimulus was too little, too late. Most likely, even if one did spend all their “package” it was probably going to be at Walmart or some like facility where EVERYTHING is made in China and the $$$ would go directly to them and/or offshore companies anyway.

We do NOT need another stimulus package, b/c 1. The $$$ does NOT exist, and 2. Yes, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Bill Clinton, and the Banks screwed us by over lending, but you know what, we got ourselves (including myself) into debt too…trying to live the “American Dream” of I “DESERVE” just as much as the next guy without having to work harder for it.

The only way this country is going to get back on its feet is for people to start taking responsibility for their own actions, stop blaming others and asking for handouts, and realize you do not deserve nor are you owed anything…you gain it through hard work and respect!!!


t-bone you are exactly right.

10 ruth

Cant we just get 100,000.00 each a pay things off like DEBT or HOMES ,then we can get back to normall, alittle anyway, but no keep giving it to people and companies to send on paid vactions its all ………………………………………………………………….. cant say it any see ya.

11 Tosha Ann

I had to get a bachelor’s degree to work for the state. It took time and dedication. It’s not like just anybody can get a job for the state.

12 Cut2thechase


I understand your frustration, but I see your life differently than you do. You get mad at people for having internet at home because you do not and you consider that a luxury, have you tried NETZERO, they have a free plan?.
My family is in the midst of job loss too, and I can tell you that we NEED the internet to look for jobs.
I see many things that you should be thankful for, parents that let your family move in with them, because MANY people do not have that option. Families that trust you with their children, enough to have you watch them and care for them and tutor them. You are blessed. Your biggest blessing of all may be a job that lets you sit there and read through 139 posts while on the clock, and as you say, surf the internet. You still have a job! That is a big blessing. Life is 10 percent circumstance and 90 percent attitude. The way I see it, you’ve got it pretty good. Use that internet time to help your husband find job openings, I bet that there are some out there that you may not have seen yet. There are some far worse off than you and they aren’t tearing other people apart because they have cell phones, internet, or a cable box. You are right when you say that these are extras, but I find it hard to believe that you live with your parents and they have no television??? Come on, I believe that times are hard for you, but you have it better than many many people in your situation. Count your blessings, you have many. I do too.

13 Cash

Tax cuts are great and all, but I hear nothing as to what the indaviduals will obtain about of this. What about the college students that Obama has talked about for so long? Anyone hear anything on that note as far as a stimulus check is concerned?

14 Mom4Life

According to the latest news….this is what I can gather so far about the stimulus. I think we should change the name to….The All-I-Ever-Wanted-But-Didn’t-Get-For-Christmas-List Bill.

I dont’ see alot for the masses…. If you learn things I didn’t find…Please add…

Final vote likely on Friday in the House and Senate

Congress is set to send a $789 billion economic stimulus package to President Obama’s desk by Monday

Allegedly saves or creates more than 3.5 million jobs

$54 billion in education spending – The education funding caused a hang-up on Wednesday

Most individuals will get a $400 tax credit, and couples will get an $800 credit. That amounts to an extra $13 wa week in a persons paycheck, starting in June. Next year, the measure could yield workers about $7.70 a week. Critics say that’s unlikely to do much to boost consumption.

A one time payment of $250 under for people receiving Social Security, along with veterans receiving pensions, and poor people receiving Supplemental
Security Income payments.

$46 billion would go to transportation projects such as highway, bridge and mass transit construction.

60 percent subsidy to help unemployed people pay health insurance premiums under the COBRA program

$87 billion among the states to help them with their Medicaid costs for the next two years.

$19 billion to modernize health information technology systems, even though such funding will create few jobs.

$54 billion to money-losing small businesses over the next two years was limited to small businesses.

A $15,000 tax credit for anybody buying a home over the next year was dropped; instead, first-time homebuyers could claim an $8,000 credit for first time home buyers if homes are bought by the end of August.
Car buyers could deduct the sales tax they paid on a new car but not the interest on their car loans.

$70 billion to shelter middle-to upper-income taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax, originally passed a generation ago to make sure the super-rich didn’t avoid taxes. (relatively little impact on the economy)

$8 billion to construct high-speed rail lines, quadrupling the amount in the Senate bill (pressed for by Obama & Reid)

a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas rail might get a big chunk of the money.

$10 billion for the National Institutes of Health, a pet priority, wasn’t cut back.

After final agreements were sealed Wednesday afternoon, staff aides worked into the night drafting and double-checking in hopes of officially unveiling the measure Thursday.

$10 billion was added to the $44 billion allocated toward “state stabilization” to boost school infrastructure. (money given to governors to parcel out)

Many students will get $2,500 tuition tax credit.

Democratic sources said 35 percent of the bill deals with tax cuts and 65 percent with spending.

15 bluezy_susie

After the 61 to 37 vote in Senate, Mr. Obama continued his Ft.Myers Town Hall meeting with a question and answer session. Stimulus checks were mentioned at the Feb 10th Town Hall meeting in Ft Meyers!
A woman asked: “Is there any provisions in your stimulus package that actually will give back to the tax payers individually that we will all get STIMULUS CHECKS to jump start the economy and what provisions or what amounts are they actually looking at here?”
Obama immediately responded: ” Yes:! Yes! Here’s what we are looking at and this is actually a commitment I made during the campaign. I said that we had to change our tax system. Instead of giving all the TAX BREAKS to the wealthiest few, that we start giving TAX BREAKS to middle class families who are struggling to make ends meet. So, I made that commitment even before the crisis. So, in the package that we put forward, what we have is $1000 for working families. $1000 in additional IMMEDIATE TAX RELIEF that would start flowing right away. Uh, and uh uh so it would offset a lot of the payroll taxes that people are paying and that would be again- $1000 may not seem like alot to some…but I tell you what that if you’re making 30, 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year, having an extra 1000 dollars during some tight times, can really make a difference. So that is a central part of the package. We’ve also got some other TAX CUTS that are targeted at small businesses…because again they are under enormous pressure right now as business is declining. But, part of what I hope to do, is to show that by providing TAX CUTS directly to the middle class, that’s the best way to reinvigorate the economy when it comes to TAX CUTS. Not just giving TAX CUTS and expecting it all to trickle down. If you put it directly in the pockets of the people who need it, then they spend it. And when they spend it, that means the economy is moving. That’s what we are gonna try to do in this package. Alright?”
To hear it for your self I have a direct link below to Part 4 of the Feb. 10th Town Hall Meeting at Ft. Myers, Florida.
Never did he respond with check did you notice. However, the question was specific to getting checks and he responded with a double YES! I can’t get any info on it online so I call IRS direct. A friendly girl from Houston, TX told me it was too soon but her understanding is there is one more part the package had to go through. She said she was hoping on it because she wanted a check, too. Also, if you watched the entire FT. Myers meeting, you hear Mr. Obama say ‘two weeks’ alot. Let’s hope that there is not a political twist on that time period and it turns into “tweaks” instead and congress and senate in their last phase do not ‘tweak’ into non existence or at least less that the REAL STIMULUS IN HAND CHECK FROM IRS DIRECT (to be specific) that we received on our 2007 taxes! I already did and received my 2008. I remember last year waiting until June to get mine…what if we were to really get one is the time period IRS will be giving this year? I am submitting the better part of this post directly to the White house e-mail and maybe if I can find it the mail-to-the-chief e-mail provided at CNN. So here’s the link I promised:


16 MOM4life is a Jerk4life

Mother 4 life…I can’t even express how ignorant and self centered and Hateful, I think you are…YOU are a self righteous JERK….who could care less about anyone but yourself and your brats, except maybe some globs of cells that you refer to “babies”……Once these fetus’s are born….To HELL with them. They don’t deserve any help or handouts….right???? Well, Loser, you may be one pay check or disability or nature disaster away from TOTAL ruin. Don’t preach Bitch. You make me sick….keep your stupid bible crap to yourself. You pick and choose what works for you….but when it comes to feeling compassion for those Less fortunate….you have NO soul or heart. Instead of attacking people who are disabled and struggling, why don’t you go after the BIG Greedy Corporations that have brought this country to ruin. Remember 5% of the population control 90% of the wealth. Stop being penny wise and dollar foolish. People like you, that supposeably THINK they live their life like Christ would want, are being TOTAL HYPOCRITES!

17 Fiscal Responsibility

I find it funny that the people who are whining about not having a job have several spelling errors in their posts. Is this pure coincidence or could there be a correlation here? I understand that a lot of employers are not hiring right now. However, McDonalds, 7-11 and Wal Mart are always hiring. Is it the job you want? Probably not but it’s something. If you haven’t been able to find a job in a year, it’s time to find something temporary and quit asking the government to send you a check. I work hard for my money and am not about to have it handed to someone who hasn’t worked in a year. We got into this economic situation due to people wanting to live above their means on others’ money. Grow up and take responsibility for your life. I know it’s a lot easier to simply sit around and blame “greedy corporations” for your problems. Remember, the “greedy banks” are the ones who allowed you to live above your means all those years. If you spent more than you had, it’s not the banks fault, it’s your own. The banks are actually doing a lot to help those who want to help themselves. But in order to receive help, you have to be willing to help yourself, i.e. get a job and make some payments to YOUR debts. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND BE AN ADULT! Also, if you are one paycheck away from financial ruin, you have not done very well protecting yourself by saving some of your income. If you spend everything or more than you make, you will never be successful in life.

18 Diane

I wish that things were just this simple but in our small town there is no 7-11 or walmart or mickey dees. we have about 2500 people in our town the closes town with two of those isn’t hiring. So you see the will to work and the ablity to work don’t always go together. I wish that this was a perfect world but until then I guess we will have to make the best of the one that we have. Calling names and being ugly with each other isn’t helping.

19 bluezy_susie

omg I would like posting to be more like Karaoke…polite.

20 Anthony

Paychecks can be found, If everybody looked they might find work.
The internet or papers are not the only place to look. Some employers hang up signs to save money, that can be passed on to some much needed help.

21 Mom4Life

Dear Jerk4Life.
I am sorry if my Bible and my belief system offends you. That is how this country was founded…. I hope you find happiness so you won’t be so bitter. Life is too short. You obviously didn’t read my posts or perhaps you just had a different slant on it. We should always help “take care” of the Babies, The Elderly and those who cannot take care of themselves. I am just tired of spending my money on the lazy.

Hope your rant and your putting me down made me feel better …at least temporarily…until you find true happiness. I sincerely hope that you do. Then you won’t have to be a Jerk4Life…. 🙂

22 Betty

To the person who suggested that someone take a nominal job or perhaps move to another city. It costs an average of $6000 to move. W hat in the world were you thinking. A stimulus check to the people of this country in a large amount “like to the banks” would certainly help the American people save their homes and spend money to bring this economy back into place. It is our country! Maybe you have forgotten that little tidbit of trivia.

23 bluezy_susie

I was looking back on your posts and also wondering what set of jerk’s ticking?
I agree. I believe and have witnessed people who are able just riding the system. And if people drug tested for welfare, my experience has made me feel that there would be a revelation of outstanding proportions to how many recreational drug users and heavy drug users are riding the system! With testing they would be revealed and directed to a conditional assistance including rehab,social security or mentorship. To get welfare you should have to test just like I had to test to get my job. It is not a violation of our rights, but an admission to the fact it does exist!
I am not advocating druggy hate. Good people use drugs, yet it eventually becomes a demon wearing party clothes. In fact, I propose that more people who have rehabilitated on drugs who have felony records for possession and under the influence should be allowed to drop, minimize or even close their records. People in prison for felony possession should be redirected to the social system and NOT the criminal system. Drug use is societies child! Instead of paying for the law involved in all that take use of all the social workers and humanitarian fields and put them to WORK!

24 Brooke


How ” OLD ” could you possibly be to know how exactly our country was
founded ?
Take your bible and your religious beliefs and kindly leave them in
whatever place you choose to worship in.
This started off to be the subject of stimulus checks not religion.

25 Matt Hoskins

Tell me how a $13 a week tax cut for most working adults will help stimulate our economy? If the check of 2008 did not stimulate our economy how is $13 a week going to do any good what so ever. I am not a rocket sciencist but this package is just feeding the rich. Big banks and Big business (car companies) get a big fat check handed to them yet the little pea ons of American only get $13 a week. What is wrong with this picture? If there is a reasonable explaination I am all ears, but right now as it stands this package will fail!!!

26 Anthony

Very good idea we should do drug on on anybody who gets government , or our tax dollars, for welfare programs.
We would stop a lot of misuse & get money to the people who really need it



28 MOM4life is a Jerk4life

All you people are attacking the wrong side….to blame all your problems on the poor and less fortunate is SOOOOOO republican……BIG business and banking industry ( which really is in control) is screwing us all BIG time and yet all you A- holes are bitching because poor people have the NERVE to not want to starve to death and live in an Alley. While the corporations we did “bail” out Fuxed us all and are spending the bail out money on private jets, holiday, bonuses, prostitutes, and whatever else that touches their fancy. STOP being Penny wise a Dollar STUPID! People will do whatever they have to do to eat and provide for their kids…..don’t attack them, because they want to survive….attack the rich corporations that are squandering the wealth of this country and breaking every law in the book to do it….yet they face NO jail time for their crimes….

29 bluezy_susie

Oh so you then get it Jerkman? They ARE telling us what we can and can’t do. This is because this is America with laws, not MegaDeth’s or the Sex Pistol’s Anarchy in the UK….When you are smoking pot and/or selling pot and receiving a check and/or food stamps it is illegal and cheating system . And where is this loss of 4th amendment rights you are claiming? If you want assistance/or a job you have to piss. Pee has nothing to do with my private life…I like to flush it. Not keep it in a safe, secure from the Piss Police and their probing my private life…DERRRR.

30 bluezy_susie

Chips will never happen only in a sci-fi novel maybe. Oh or in a meth induced schizoid who thinks they did and is one step from taking a knife to their skull…
I have no problem with pot smokers as long as they spend their own money on it…
All I mention is drug tests and you paint a grim 1984’ish scenario. Man, are you wearing foil around your big big big schoid brain?

31 DC1421

Seems to me that a measly $500 to $1200 check may help out those in need for a short while, but those claiming that they NEED it to pay their bills…how far ahead is that really going to get you and how long is it going to last. What happens after the money is gone, who will pay your bills then. Things may be bad but there are jobs out there, you must be willing to do anything and everything you possibly can even if it isn’t the job you desire. You may have to do without some things but ultimatly you will survive, this is not the end of the world, lets pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and take care of ourselves the best way we can, by hard work!

32 jose Mejia

Dear Mr. President Obama,
A second Estimulus check would be great and I am sure Id use the 3,300 check in my family here to improve health and education.

Sincerely yours,

Jose Mejia

33 Michael

A stimulus check would help all around. People would most likely spend that money immediately on something they need – from health care – to fixing a vehicle. Getting that money back into circulation in various avenues can help spark some movement in the economy as well. Not that Americans are spoiled, but it is just an all-around good idea.

34 2009 might be the new 1984

Bluezy, Aka as tiny brain, actually the chip in the brain is not as crazy as you think. They will not say it’s for mind control or spying on us, the chip will be presented in a positive light. For locating abducted children or adults, as a modern “passport” which can’t be counterfeited by illegal aliens. Also, is the money is no longer worth anything, the chip will be like a credit/debit card. To get food or gas or anything you will have to have the chip or starve. Trust me there are ways the Gov’t could force you to get a chip/ they could even do it through a flu shot. Like I said once you give up your rights to the gov’t….the gov’t will not be giving those rights back. Many died to get the gov’t we have….but it seems that people like you would just roll over and give up all those rights. That is why I think you are pathetic…..so go ahead and let them do drug tests on you, the little guy, but trust me the politicians and the executive don’t have to be tested and MANY of them are on drugs. If you knew a fraction of the corruption in the political world….your head would spin and that wouldn’t be good for your tiny little Brain.

35 Michael

Even if people use the stimulus check to go out a few nights to restaurants! People view others that go to restaurants as spoiled or something – but small businesses like restaurants are what keep this country afloat. These restaurants are keeping many other businesses alive, like fishing and chartering, farmers, hearders…and many more..anything to get people out to spend some money..whatever it is for..is a good thing.

36 Give the money to the people

You are right about getting the money into the hands of the people….it is not being done by tax cuts. What good are tax cuts if you don’t have a job? The $15,000 cash for first time homebuyer would have been great, but the Republicans insisted on cutting that benefit. The Republicans don’t want to help the ‘average American” they only care about the rich. If the money was used to help Americans get into homes or to buy a car, it would benefit everyone. You notice that the Republican never made a peep about wasteful spending when the Banks got bailed out with our money and with NO provisions about HOW that money was spent. The banks will not be giving loans to people who are out of work, or people that have had a bankruptcy or foreclosure, so what good did that bail out do. Let the Gov’t take over the banks, don’t let the banks take over the Gov’t.

37 Cut2thechase

Jerk4Life RE: Mom4Life:

You come across as sounding so angry an judgemental that it is hard to read through your posts to get to the point that you are trying to make. Everyone in this country is upset and scared, and some are angry, but like it or not, we are all in this together. You may not agree with Mom4Life’s views, nor do you need to. When you walk down the street and someone holds a door open for you, do you ask their views before saying “Thank you”? What I am getting at is this country is made up of a huge variety of people with differing views and beliefs. “Mom” and every other bible believing person out there has as much right to their views as you do to yours. You come out here with this attitude of being “All knowing” and “Holier than Thou” but you are so full of fury….You are never going to change people’s beliefs, especially by attacking them. You cannot tell people to “Check their Bible at the door.” Our country was built on and by people who had very strong religious beliefs. Our money still states, “In God We Trust.”. You seem like the type that will gladly take Christmas day off from work, as long as no one mentions Jesus to you.
I have a friend that is a polar opposite of me. One of us is a follower and a believer in God, the other is not. One of us is a strong supporter of Women’s Rights, and is Pro-Choice, the other is not. On every issue, she and I are night and day, east and west, Ying and Yang. But we care for each other, and we love each other for the people that we are. We have disagreed, we have never been disrespectful, or degrading to each other. We may put one heck of a debate out there, but we never treat each other with hate.
What scares me, is that Christians are supposed to shut their mouths and stiffle their beliefs and not mention God, yet people who do not believe in God are fully free to speak their minds without being censored for what they are saying, or being attacked for their beliefs.
Mom4Life has made some good points, it is not as though her posts are not worth reading or listening to, just because you do not agree with her beliefs, does not give you, or anyone the right to tell her to stop speaking her mind.
I wish it was clearer why you are so full of fury and anger. Christian or not, everyone can use a touch of humility and a bit of a humble spirit. Getting on top of the Highest Horse, clears the way for the farthest fall. Although you may have made a good point or two in your posts, I venture to guess that most people have not read what you have said. There is so much hate and negativity everywhere you turn today, people have just had enough.
Go pet a puppy, or play with a child, go for a walk in the woods, smell some flowers, do something to de-stress and tone it down a notch. The only thing that has ever been acomplished by attacking someone is war. These are the people you deal with every day, we are all in it together, we rise or fall as one.

38 Mom4Life

Dear Brooke,
History books teach us the why and how this country was founded. When you reach that grade, hopefully they will still be teaching it in the school system. Oh, and by the way…I take my Bible and my beliefs everywhere I go…. And you are correct, this was originally a discussion on the possibility of a stimulus check, which we now know…is NOT going to happen. Unless you are on Social Security and in that small group. Thanks for Reading my posts…and May God Bless you anyway… 🙂

39 bluezy_susie

Jerk for life…

When alien lizards rule the world post me again. You should be on a conspiracy theory website not here. And if you GET a stimulus check, maybe radio shack will have a good buddy.
Those who are keeping your country safe and free are taking piss tests. YOUR meth tainted samples are welcome!

40 bluezy_susie

Mom 4 life:
It is really a shame what is going on here…
Jerk is spinning his head puking green and wagging his tongue over all this. I guess we have brought him meaning to his meth induced schizoid boredom.

41 Brooke

Dear Mom4Life,

I never believe everything that I read and I never will. Thanks for the
age compliment but I don’t really think that was the point you were
trying to make. If you want to walk around with a bible you do have that
right. We are totally different type of people but yet we made a point to
one another without using bad language. Compliments to both of us !
Blessings to you too.

42 nikki

i love how everything turns into an argument. i dont think there should be a second stimulus check. the goverment should fix whats going on around us to help people get jobs. get the homeless off the street with more afforable prices. things are way too expensive now a days and i do believe thats a part of everyones money issue. i really do. but i dont think obama is gonna live up to any of his promises. this is the only president that i know had his face all over everything before he was swore in! everyones hooing and haing about him and hes not gonna live up to one thing. everything is taxed,clothes,food,cars houses its not right. take the f***ing tax off of things that are absolutely nessasary to people. maybe we all wouldnt have such a rough time living! and if all of us from the time we first start filing taxes till last year could live with out the stimulus check i think we all can do it again

43 mira01172003

To: 16 EMILY&DAVID AUTRY and anyone else who needs help with Medical bills.
I don’t know what state you live in…but in PA I contacted a Senator’s office (one who works with insurance) they gave me information for a patient of mine about PATIENT ASSISTANCE programs. This person became disabled and had no income. He was no eligible for SS Disability until he was disabled for a full one year. So what happens in that one year to a Disabled person who needs constant medical attention??? Pharmaceutical companies offer help to patients in need..either free or at low cost. It takes some work, but worth it in the end. Also, check for free clinics in your area. Most are non profit or not for profit and take donations only. If for some reason you need to go to the Hospital, don’t neglect your health for fear of getting a large bill. Most Hospitals allocate a certain amount of money to be able to WRITE OFF non collectible debt.

44 mira01172003

whoops..noticed some typos in my comment..but it is 12AM

45 2adults6kids

I can tell you one thing, I would LOVE to go to work. I don’t care where , flipping burgers is fine with me. However some of us are in such a position financially that we would be paying more to go to work than what we make. I am married and my husband DOES work, and yes we DO have 6 children. # of them are under 3 years old. Heehe yea, i know know what you are thinking, and no they were not planned. But that’s another story… I worked up until my last child was born, in 2008. Childcare was too exspesive and there is no assistance available for our income bracket. ( I qualify for childcare assistance on our current income, but as soon as I get my first paycheck, I would no longer qualify). We are one of those families that live on the cusp. A check this year would greatly help with our bills. Even if he just gave us $1000 in the form of a check, at least I could pay off a credit card. $13 extra on my husbands paycheck won’t knock the card payment out of our monthly bills. Yes, it will make it get paid off faster, but everyone knows that its easier to right off a small amount and spend it on a couple of gallons of milk, instead of putting it where it needs to go. WE do the best we can, but it is a constant struggle to make sure that the bills are paid. We are like alot of people who had debt before the economy went into a landslide. Just a hint to the people out there struggling , put all your credit cards in a cup of water in the freezer, at least you have to think LONG and HARD before you are able to go out and buy the material things that you can’t really afford. There are days now that we count change for gas, instead of grabbing a credit card. ( Especially since they are frozen lol)

46 Mom4Life


You are absolutely right. We can discuss and not be mean. Who knows, we’d probably even like each other in person. I am surrounded (and sometimes loved:) ) by all kinds of people…not just people like me. When I see your name…it makes me smile, the only Brooke I know is the sweetest girl… Anyway, thanks, take care!

47 Stewart0282

Im pretty sure that everyone will get another check this year, but I dont understand where the government is getting all this money to do this when we are almost in a Great Depression again!! I think the Government should be using all this money to save plants such as GM, Ford, etc. I think they should also use it to create more jobs out there for the American People. I think its a bad idea to give the money cause the rich will get richer from and the poor with get poorer. I know that some people can use it to pay off bills, but you know as well as I do that maybe only 20% of the American people will use it for that. Maybe the Government should use each check for the people that are in debt and automatically send it to the credit collectors that these people are in debt with to pay them off. That would be really smart I think. But this Stimulus check will not go as smooth as they think it will!!


I can and Do say check your bible at the door and every other fiction book in the library…..just because you believe in the greatest Fairy tale ever perpetrated on humanity, doesn’t mean I have to listen to it. Talk rational and I will listen, but if you get into the Praise Jesus mode, I and many others will just tune you out as another “religious fanatic”…..I don’t see very many religious people acting Jesus-like…..most say to hell with the less fortunate….and YES they do cast the first stone MANY times….just because you say you are religion, it does not equal GOOD PERSON. AS for my angry….your right and we all SHOULD be angry! WE are getting Screwed big time….I am NOT numbed up or apathetic enough to not feel Furious! I wish EVERY American would get Furious and Say “GOD DAMN it We’re NOT going to take it anymore! That would make me VERY HAPPY!

49 Meredith Tompkins

The fact that tax cuts do not start until 2010, Will not give fast boost we need to kick start the economny,So other parts can help maintain that and do more to keep it going. This is a major flaw that I see. We need kick first, Than feed the rise. Just my opinion. Thanks

50 Give the money to the people

Cut to the chase….
You say you have a friend (a friend in Jesus, no doubt:P) You mention this friend is not a believer in the Christian faith and has many different view from you (who does believe that Jesus Christ is YOUR saviour and lord). You say one of you is pro-choice and believe in the equality of women….the other does not…..can I take a wild shot in the dark and guess that YOU the religious fanatic does not support women’s rights and the right to choose? I know I could wrong and you could be the first ‘christian” person I ever meant that actually thought for themselves. If you are the one that is pro choice and pro womens equality….I owe you an apology…..but we both know your not….cause you guys all think just alike! I am glad you actually have one friend that isn’t brainwashed and that you haven’t succeeded in to converting! PRAISE THE LORD!

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